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List of pmp_ipod + 3G nano quirks

I have searched the forums high and low and I've found a lot of questions, but not a lot of answers when it comes to getting the 3G Nano to work with Winamp. This post is my attempt to consolidate these questions to make it easier to find later and/or discuss.

I have experienced all of these issues even with the 1.0.3 nano firmware (updated via iTunes). Also, iTunes does not have any of these issues so we can't blame the 3G nano itself.

These more or less work, but they are not listed in the proper "Podcasts" category on the 3G nano. The Winamp 5.5 version history lists this as issue as being addressed, but it does not seem to be the case with the latest nano. Needless to say, podcasts can be tricky to find when buried in a massive library of music.

Album Art
It almost works. Covers are recognized by Cover Flow and are displayed on the Now Playing screen when a track is selected. The problem arises when the iPod moves to the next track, which the cover art is no longer shown. However, simply hitting the menu button, then returning to the Now Playing screen gets the album art to show for the current track.

Also mentioned in the above thread is the iQuiz game seems to have trouble actually playing tracks it tests you on. This seems relatively minor, but it's evidence that there is something wrong with how pmp_ipod handles the library and could possibly be related with the above listed issues.

This post mentions how the iQuiz issue was fixed with ml_ipod by changing the naming conventions of how the files are transferred to the ipod. I like unicode support so hopefully pmp_ipod does something similar in Winamp 5.52.

Redundant Files on iPod
This one is a biggie and I'm not sure if it's specific to the 3G nano. Whether it's from a crash during sync, renaming of file names, re-ripping of tracks, extra playlists or whatever, Winamp has a tendency to make multiple copies of music/video files in the iPod's memory and not acknowledge them in the Portables library.

At one point I deleted everything from the iPod's library since I couldn't figure out where the extra space was going and the "empty" nano itself reported 2.2GB was used to "Other." I looked inside the device's directory structure and there were still a bunch of .mp3 and .m4a files on the device. I just installed iTunes to format the poor thing just to get those gigs back and re-sync the whole library in Winamp again. I really do not want to make this routine maintenance.


Well, that's all I've got. If there are any other 3G nano related issues feel free to add to this.

If anyone has any answers on how to solve these issues (or if the Winamp crew acknowledged them), I'd certainly love to hear about that too.

[Edited because these forums don't trust me with links!]
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papaschtroumpf stated at the thread concerning the Album Art issue that the ml_ipod plug-in - presumably the latest version - was able to correct the problem.

Hopefully the next version of Winamp will address this in pmp_ipod as well.
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yes, I used 3.02 I believe, or whatever was the latest 2 days ago.
I did a "refresh all album art" and all my art problems went away.
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