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skins installation in Vista

After cursing a few times when trying to install new skins in Windows Vista, I brainstormed the fix. This may help those who are experiencing the same problem, so I'm posting this.

Windows Vista, as we all know, has gone (IMO) totally anal-retentive as to where you are allowed to put files (even if you are an admin account!), especially if you are trying to put files in any sub-folder of the Program Files folder.

Anyhoo, the simple fix is this: browse to the Winamp folder under Program Files in an explorer window. RIGHT-CLICK the "Skins" folder, and select "Properties" from the context-menu that pops up. Click the "Security" tab. Under "Group or User Names", click your Windows Vista login name to highlight (select) it. Click the "Edit" button right under that to change permissions for this folder. Put a checkmark in all boxes ("special permissions" is not necessary; and I have no idea what they are anyways...).

Voila! Your skins will download and install seamlessly!
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Skins - Vista

Thanks for the help!

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still doesnt work

tried it, not working. help
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http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....d=289111#skins <-- click!

[EDIT -> July 2008]

This issue is now fixed in Winamp 5.54
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WSZ Skins vista installation

rename the wsz extention to wal and double click the file, that should do it.
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Vista did not go as anal-retentive as you imply. Linux distros and OS X have similar password system to protect program files. Simply change the skins directory to a location out of the Program Files folder and use the modern behaviour of separate settings per user account.
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I've seriously tried everything that you and others have posted in these forums Dj Egg...i.e. right clicking,changing the properties etc.. but nothing I do will work.Granted i'm about as useful with a computer as a dead fish but that not-with-standing,i'm just not getting the problem fixed.My comp is only about three months old and is my first in about two years, and my last comp had Winamp and I remember LOVING it due to it's ease of use and how customizable it is. So ANY help you can give me short of coming to my home and hitting me with a brick for being an idiot would be appereciated.


(if you feel that the whole brick thing is necessary I suppose i'll trust your judgment)
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Do you have the latest Winamp (5.54)... released last week...

ClassicPro© v2.01 : This plugin allows you to use cPro skins in Winamp. ClassicPro skins are all SUI skins and loads very quickly. ClassicPro skins is even easier to skin than Winamp Classic skins. A new layout have been added since version 2.
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Yep i downloaded it on saturday evening..
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i have also tried everything you guys have suggested and none of them are working. and i just downloaded it tonight. my computer isn't all that old, and i have vista which is crap if you ask me. but unfortunately, i'll deal with it for now but i've tried absolutely everything you guys have put up for us and its still not working. i even tried the .wal thing and the .wsz thing and they both don't work, i tried the preferences and still...nothing. maybe winamp is just not what vista users should use?
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OK, if you're running Vista, here's what you need to do. Open the Control Panel. Find and click Folder Options. Click the View tab. Find the check box that says, "Hide extensions for known file types". Make sure this box is deselected - no check mark in it.
When you open your file folders now, if you select Details under the Views option in your window, you will see your files with a .fileextension. Change the .sz to .wal. They will now install as they should.

You will also need to do the steps related above about setting permissions in the folder under the security tab. Your downloads will not save to the skins folder in Winamp correctly if you do not do that, though you can just download the skins to your Documents folder, change the file type there, and then copy/paste them into the skins folder.

I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. All of my skins are now working just fine. I am running Winamp version 5.24. Good Luck to ya.
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What about Windows 8?

All of these tricks just for skins and Visualizations, I feel like giving up and finding another media player unless someone have answers for this unforsaken dilemma.
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this is an old thread and there's been fixes to the issues in client releases made after this thread was started. and there were additional fixes as part of the 5.64 release (which should have resolved the last remaining issues) so if you are having issues, try with 5.64 first (or whatever the current version is at that time) and if not, then we can follow up and see what is causing it to fail in your case (unless this is a complain and never come back post so we can never find the cause to fix it).
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