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Anyone have some insight on an ASPI error?

I just upgraded to WinAmp 2.62 from 2.4x. I also added a PlexWriter CD-R/RW drive to my system (which already had a Matsushita DVD-ROM on it). The audio cable is connected to the DVD-ROM since I will occasionally use it to play movies.

When I put an audio CD in the DVD-ROM (slave) now, WinAmp kicks off like it should but I get ASPI error #0x4 (SRB completed with error), Sense key 0x2 (Not ready) Sense code 0x3A (Medium not present).

Putting an audio CD in the PlexWriter works just fine.

I'm guessing WinAmp can't handle multiple CD drives and is defaulting to look for the CD on the PlexWriter master? TIA.
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Winamp can support multiple CD-ROM's on the same channel (I do it). For that ASPI error check out: http://w3.westnet.gr/mp3/rippers/trouble.htm that might be able to help you. What plugin are you using to play CD's with in_cdda.dll (the default one) or the CD-Reader plugin? If it is the CD-Reader then I think you can change the settings for that drive (through Winamp) to get rid of that message.

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by the way, you don't need the audio cable plugged into a DVD drive to get audio on movies. That cable is strictly for audio CDs. On DVDs the audio track is sent over the IDE (data) cable just like the video track. DVD audio is treated differently because DVDs are encrypted and CDs are not. So i guess if you want you can just listen to CDs on your burner from now on.
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ASPI Error

Go to Winamp Options / Preferences / Plug-ins / Input / CD Reader v1.95 (x86) (in_CDReader.dll), select configure and ensure that your CD / DVD reader drive letters and configuration are set correctly.

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Besides, the 3rd-party CDReader plugin is no longer required/supported.
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