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i did all that stuff and it didn't work... sadly *urgh...* and then i downloaded the irview thing and i'm not sure what it was supposed to do hehe...

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Kinda cryptic... Maybe I need that psychic plugin too. Are your pictures associated with Winamp, or what's goin on?
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Really, You were supposed to reply in the original thread, not create a new one . . .

. . . Anyway, I don't understand why none of "it" didn't work. Also, you've not answered my questions from the original thread, so I can't really help you any further !

Regarding Irfan View:
Have you installed it and does it open properly ?

If so, then click on the "P" Icon at the top right [or "Options -> Preferences"] and goto the "Extensions" tab. Place a checkmark next to whichever extensions you want to associate with IrfanView.

< The ones with an asterix next to them will require plug-ins which you can also download from the same site [Plug-ins section]. >

IrfanView has many many hefty features:
Slideshow, Thumbnail Views, Image editing, Extension conversions, Zoom In + Out, Movie Player . . . etc etc.
If you can't suss it out [?], read the help and text files for more info on how to use it

Top tips:
In the same "Extensions" options tab, click on "Advanced" and place a checkmark next to "Create shortcut in Send To Menu".
You can now select any folder from Windows to be "viewed" in IrfanView [from "File -> Send To -> Irfan View"].
This is especially useful for folders full of any of the following filetypes:
WAV MID BMP GIF JPG PNG WMF TIF TGA ICO MOV AVI MPG AIF . . . even SWF & MP3 [plug-ins required].

By the way, be careful with associating too many file types with IrfanView, because even tho' the extension [naturally] stays the same, the description of them all turns into "Irfan View". This then presents you with a similar "problem" to too many files having the "Winamp Media File" description.
[If that indeed is a "problem" at all ?!?]

Note that files don't have to be associated with either Winamp or IrfanView to open in them. You can open any compatible file type from the Program's File Menu. It's only when you want to click on individual files in Windows Folders that the relevant default program will then open them !

The way round it is to make your association via the Windows "Settings -> Folder Options -> File Types" utility. You can associate any file extension with numerous different programs and set the default one from here too. You can also change this whenever you you wish ! Plus, you can also change the description here too ! Yeeharr . . . yahhooi !

Anyway, Happy Winampin' and IrfanViewin' . . . most certainly two of the neatest [freeware] programs around !

Any problems, then reply here. Don't create a new thread !


ps. For everyone else's ref, the original thread is:


DJ - Egg

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