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Is there any way to listen to music offline? I open winamp and it dials my internet provider.

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Yes if you have local files (i.e. MP3's on your harddrive) if you listen to streaming music then you have to be online. Winamp might be dialing because you have it setup to check for new versions and report anonymous info to disable it do the following:
Open Winamp
Press Ctrl + P
Click on "Setup"
Now try "No internet connection available"

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I tried that prior to posting and it still dialed so I went into my Internet Explorer options and selected never dial a connection and it has seemed to solve the problem.

Thanks for the response in any event..

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I have a similar problem, my router is dialing my ISP when I use Winamp. Its realy anoying and helps to keep my phonebill high (thanks).
Is there anyway to deny it access to the network?
I have gone through all the settings and all the plugins to. Nothing seems to stop it, (I have turned off ODDB)
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Do you guys use the minibrowser ?
It requires a connection to access the ad/s at the bottom.
Cheers AOL !

If so, disable it and also do as Tom says above.

Seeing I've got a few MJF's [Media Juice] that require the MB to display artwork, I edited my winampmb.htm (Winamp dir) to eradicate this stupid dial-up problem.
The trick is to remove the relevant javascript code.
The way I did it was to copy the Nullsoft Winamp site logo into my Winamp dir, remove the relevant js code from winampmb.htm replacing it with the Winamp logo c/o <img src="*.gif"> tag and embedding a hyperlink to the Winamp home page, <a href="http://www.winamp.com/">
Easy !

Also, make sure you backup your modified winampmb.htm file, otherwise you'll have to repeat this process each time you upgrade Winamp.

DJ - Egg

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