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i am posting this message to ask anyone how i can play rmx files in winamp.....the rmx files come from when i recorded a cd onto my computer with realjukebox.....i checked what files winamp plays and they do not play my rmx files, so if anyone knows how to convert these files to something that winamp will play i would appreciate it
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scrudapigs -

Welcome to the big, stupid, misguided world of "secure" file formats.

The files that you mentioned (RMX format) are encrypted RealPukebox music files. They cannot be converted (to my knowledge) to any standard format such as Mp3 or Wav. Generally, RMX files are created when people use RealPukebox to "record" (encode) from CDs and unknowingly have the "Secure" option turned ON.

One solution is to encode again, but first go into the RealPukebox Options-Preference menu, click on the "Encoding Options" tab, and make sure "Secure" is NOT CHECKED. This will ensure that the encoded files are RMJ format, instead of RMX format. You can play RMJ files in Winamp by downloading and installing Innover's plugin, located here:


A much BETTER solution is to encode from your CDs using standard software. Read the "CD to WAV", "CD to MP3", and "WAV to MP3" sections in this thread:


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