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johnny giles
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I recently downloaded a Winamp player. But now every time I go to play a CD on the Cd-Rom drive it tries to play the CD through Winamp and it crashes my computer. The only way to then e-boot the computer is to turn it off at the mains. Has anyone else had the same problem, and if so, how can I resolve it?
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DJ Egg
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Hey, you're not THE Johnny Giles by any chance R.U. ?
As in the Leeds Utd footy legend & truly one of the all time greats !

Anyway . . . errmmm, does Winamp crash when you try to play any other types of audio files or is it just with CD's ?

As always with problems like this, we could do with some system specs:
CPU + Clock speed | OS - Windows version | RAM | Soundcard | Videocard | DirectX version | Browser + version | etc.
Also, do you receive any particular error message with the crash, or is it just a total freeze ?

Did you install just the basic package or did you download any extra third party plug-ins aswell ?

At a wild guess, is Winamp configured to auto-execute the Visualisation plug-in on play ?
If so, try deselecting this option in Prefs -> Plug-ins tab & try again.

For now, you can deselect AudioCD from Winamp's association [if you wish] by unchecking this option in Prefs -> FileTypes.
You should also deselect CDA from the list of filetypes.

If you have Winamp Agent enabled, you may well have to disable it to perform this action [Prefs -> Agent -> uncheck all 3 options].

You can re-associate AudioCD & CDA with Windows CD Player via Windows Settings -> Folder options -> File Types.
The command line = C:\WINDOWS\CDPLAYER.EXE -play

Or if you want to associate with another player [RealJB | MediaPlayer8 | CDSpectrum Pro | etc], you can do so via the relevant player's options.

For more info & tips, check out the FAQ, the TSGH forum, and this thread:
TSGH -> Useful Links

DJ - Egg
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DJ Egg
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This topic continues here:


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