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johnny giles
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RE: Computer crashing when trying to play audio CD's.

Thanks to DJ Egg for the help he gave me but the computer still crashes but it what seems to be an even more fatal way. Before it was just a total freeze. I de-selected all 3 options in Winamp agent, and de-selected CDA from filetypes and also re-associated the audio CD with the windows CD player. But now a blue screen appears with a Fatal OE Error has occurred at 0028:C002F67A! When I downloaded winamp I downloaded the basic player package but since I have downloaded Viualization plug-ins Geiss for Winamp, Wild Tangent Winamp Visualizer and Highpersonic v1.0. Also I have DeFX v0.95 and QM21051.2 Second Order Filter. I do not know the complete spec of my system but I do have the following information:

CPU Type: AMD K6-2
OS Version : windows 98 (DOS 7.10)
RAM: 64Mb
PCI Info: Bios Version 2.10
Video Adapter: Rage Pro-Turbo AGP (English)

If you can help please do.

PS. DJ Egg I am not THE johnny giles but a new and improved version.
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DJ Egg
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Original thread:


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what kind of sound card do you have?, consider reinstalling the sound card driver, it would be a good time to check the web for updates, u know that you should ALWAYS have the lattest updates, for best performance., un-install winamp, go to program directory after uninstall and remove directory, that way even hidden files get recycled, and when u reinstall winamp it will recreate a new directory, + do a computer file search for winamp.* and track down every last wasskly wabbit.!!
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DJ Egg
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Re: Zephross' reply

If you do that [uninstall Winamp] you'll lose all your extra plug-ins / skins / bookmarks / EQ settings / configs / everything.

Therefore, it would be wise to back them up first.

Seeing that we have now established that this is NOT exactly a Winamp related problem, i.e. your PC crashes when playing CD's with WinCDPlayer [& Winamp isn't even open], then what real good can uninstalling & reinstalling Winamp do ?

Btw, hidden files are only actually hidden if you enable that option in Windows "Settings -> Folder Options -> View" tab.
Unless there's children or divvy morons that have access to your pc, then it's always very wise to select "Show All Files" and to uncheck "Hide Extensions for known file types". This way you can see and have instant access to all files on your computer.

The only Winamp file that isn't in the Winamp Program Files folder is Winamp.ini in the Windows dir.
This is basically a registration info file and doesn't effect the performance of your pc whatsoever.

J.G. [There can be only one!]
(btw, I'm from Leeds if you were wondering)

If you're saying that this problem all began when you installed Winamp, then I find that hard to believe, but if you're saying that it began after you installed a particular third-party Non Nullsoft plug-in, then I might be more inclined to believe you.
From the list you provided, I know for sure that Geiss is 100% safe [as long as it's properly configured]; as for the other 4 tho' . . . mmmm . . . never heard of Highpersonic & QM21051.2 [anybody ?]; DeFX has been known to cause problems, isn't that the shareware DSP/FX thing ?
WildTangent has also been reported as buggy for some, but you really can never tell with some plugins till ya try.
WT's the one that places a config utility in your Windows Control Panel !

Geiss is the only one in your list that I've got myself, so I can't really comment out of experience on the others.

What I suggest is that for now you goto Winamp Prefs and select "None" for DSP/FX and [under plug-ins tab] uncheck "Auto execute vis on play".
In Vis plugins, select Nullsoft AVS [or even Geiss will do].
Next, under all relevant plug-ins tabs, find out the actual DLL file names of all the extra plugins you've installed over the default setup, make a list of them and totally exit Winamp.
Goto the Winamp\Plugins folder and cut & paste said DLL's into a backup folder somewhere else on your HD.
Next open the plugin.ini file [with Notepad] & remove any references to these [temporarily uninstalled] plugins.
Also check the Winamp.ini in the main Winamp folder and do likewise.
Don't remove anything you're not sure about.

Save the ini files, exit & re-open Winamp.
Go back to Prefs and make sure everything is set as it should be, i.e. the removed plug-ins are no longer listed etc.
Exit Winamp & reboot your pc.

Re-open Winamp and see how it is performing.
Try out an MP3, MID or WAV file first.

If everything's okay, try an audio CD again.
If the crash re-occurs, here's a few more suggestions:

For Winamp, download the CDReader plug-in & use that instead of the default one.
Read the accompanying .txt file for full info.

Right, let's see, sys specs . . .
Athlon AMD K6-2, ATI Rage Pro videocard, Win98 [1st or 2nd Edition ?].
Sounds like a bad combination to start off with.

ATI video cards are reputedly a bit dodgy, so I've heard, you'd be much better off with any of: Nvidia GeForce | Voodoo 3Dfx | 3DLabs | Guillemot | etc.
But then again, this should have nothing to do with effecting your CD-ROM's functionality whatsoever.

Win98 reputedly has a fair few bugs, some which cause your pc to crash or reboot for no apparent reason.
Check microsoft.com for any relevant updates / patches / etc.

We could also really do with your CD-ROM & Soundcard details.
Goto: System Control Panel -> Device Manager for details.
Also, check under "Properties" to see if any conflicts or problems are listed.

The best thing you could do right now is to install the latest drivers for your soundcard, videocard & CD-ROM (or, if you already have them, reinstall them).
You should also make sure you've got DirectX (v7 or higher) installed.
Goto: DirectX Diagnostic Tool [C:\Windows\System\DXDIAG.EXE] to see what version you have & whether any problems are listed.

Also, be sure to scan your system for any viruses.
Also run ScanDisk and the Hardware Diagnostic Tool (hwdiag.exe)

If all else fails, you may well have to re-install Windows to resolve this problem.

Bear in mind that it may just be one of my suggestions that fix your problem & that you might not have to try all of them.
I'm just thinking of all or any possible solutions.

Let us know how ya get on.
If anyone else has any suggestions please feel free.

End of another mini novel

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DeFX has been known to cause problems, isn't that the shareware DSP/FX thing ?
Just wanted to interject: DFX and DeFX are two different plugins. DFX is the shareware one, I believe. DeFX is buggy.

Give me NyQuil and no one gets hurt!

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