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Hi guys, hope someone can help.

I use Windows 98 and can get sound thru there but when I try to play MP3's thru winamp i always get the statement:
"MMSYSTEM004. The specified device is already in use." What has happened??

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Winamp thinks that the device (your soundcard) is already in use when you try to play something.
There are a couple things you can try, I will list them in order starting with the easiest.

If you are trying to play two sounds at once stop it, Winamp doesn't like it when you do this on your system.

Change your output plugin to "Nullsoft DirectSound" (This will also allow you to play several sounds at once). To do this:
Open Winamp
Press Ctrl + P
Click on "Output"
Click "Nullsoft DirectSound" and press Close.

You can also try playing around with the settings in the "Nullsoft WaveOut" plugin. To do so:
Open Winamp
Press Ctrl + P
Click on "Output"
Highlight "Nullsoft WaveOut"
Press "Configure"
In the drop down box switch it to the other option(s) then try to play a file with Winamp.

If you do not have any other sounds trying to play and get this message then it is possible that you soundcard drivers are not properly closing the connection giving you this error, so you might want to go update your soundcard drivers.

Or if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket you can go get yourself a Sound Blaster Live, it will allow you to play multiple sounds at once (several other cards will allow this as well)

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Hello everyone,

I have read all the pages regarding the error 'RE: MMSYSTEM004 Error' and this is the last link.

My winamp suddenly stop playing. I've tried deleting the winamp with ctrl+Alt+Del and then rebooting, I've tried reloading my Creative Soundblaster Live! Player twice and still no joy. Creative don't have any updated drivers at their site so I must presume what is on my installation CD is the latest.

I tried direct soundout but that didn't work either.

What I haven't tried is the
"Config. Screen > multimedia > Sound Codecs"
which was mentioned twice in these threads, anyone can help?? Is this the reason?

I'm now going to open up the computer just to make sure the soundcard is actually there!

Any other helpful advice would be most appreciated.


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I think what the dude in the previous post was referring to is:

MultiMedia Control Panel -> Advanced tab -> Audio Compression
(nb. Advanced tab = Devices tab on some OS's : the tab furthest to the right)

Hi-lite each item listed in turn & click "Properties"
Make sure "Use this codec" is selected.

Other things you can check:
System Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Sound Controllers
Individually hi-lite entries and, in the "Properties" box, make sure "Use this device" is selected.
Or is it "Exists in all profiles" . . . ?
Something like that anyway . . .

Also, make sure no conflicts are listed in the "Resources" tab.

You may also want to look in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.
Windows Setup tab -> Multimedia components -> Details
Make sure "Audio Compression" is selected [& not greyed out].
"Video Compression" & "Media Player" should also be fully checkmarked.
If any aren't, you'll need your Windows CD-ROM in the drive.
Windows will do its thing from thereon.

If none of these suggestions work or are inapplicable & you can't hear any sounds whatsoever, then the problem definitely lies with your Soundcard Hardware installation [or lack of it].

That's ofcourse assuming that you've made sure that all the relevant levels are up high enough and are not muted in Windows Volume Control.
Definitely check this first !

Gee . . . there's always so many different possible causes & solutions . . . if only life were simple, eh !?!?

Tho' your solution probably is something really simple. Maybe just one of the above reasons ?

Best of luck !


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