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everytime i launch winamp when being offline it tries launching the net, which is VERY annoying to me.
in preferences/setup i have the following settings :
- no internet connection available [CHECKED]
- check for new versions at startup [UNCHECKED]
- allow winamp to... [UNCHECKED]

the minibrowser is CLOSED/DISABLED, but nevertheless winamp still wants to connect to the inet everytime i launch it..
someone knows how to help?
thanks in advance..

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DJ Egg
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Does this happen always, or just when you're playing an Audio CD ?
If it's just with CD's, goto:
Prefs -> Input -> CD Plugin -> Configure
Remove checkmark next to "Use CDDB"

I can't think of anything else apart from what you already mentioned above.

The only other thing it could be is if you've installed any General Purpose search-type plug-ins ?


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unfortunately this does happen everytime i launch it, even when i just start the plain .exe without any files playlisted or audio cd inserted.

i'm using winamp since about 2 years now and i never had this malfunction occuring until i installed windows me yesterday.

concerning the vis :
i just copied the vis / plugins directories from by old system backup to the new directory ( without the winamp.exe, etc - just the plain subdirs ).
so this should'nt be the problem i fear..
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I remember helping someone with a similar problem a long time ago and what eventually worked for them was in IE to set it to "Never dial a connection". You can access it from Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections Tab

Give that a try and see if it helps.


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A Plugin Developer
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You may want to double check this...

1. Hit [CTRL]+[P]
2. Click Setup
3. Make sure the following are not checked:
-Check for new version of Winamp at startup
-Allow Winamp to report basic, anonymous program usage information.

Hope that helps
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Reverend Ike
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Keith already covered those options in his original post. He's one of the rare posters that actually supplies some useful information to start with.

Keith -

Do you have any third-party plugins installed? If so, you might go to Winamp Preferences, highlight them one at a time, and click the Configure button. Then see if those plugins have internet-related options enabled. Sometimes those third-party plugins can have a "Check for new version at startup" option themselves.
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thanks everybody for your support.
concerning my specific problem, it was TOM having the right guess - special thanks to you buddy
my winamp is running perfectly now.

regards everybody,
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