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Is there a plugin or a setting on winamp that can set volume to be the same for all mp3's? Some are encoded too loud and some are encoded too quiet, so I'd like to solve that so I don't have to constantly change volume.

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There's Rock Steady or SqrSoft Limiter which act as normaliser plug-ins.

It's either that or using EQ presets.
Switch on the Auto button on the EQ.
For each track you want to adjust, set the EQ to the desired levels.
Then click : Presets -> Save / Auto Load preset.

Rev Ike could explain the process in much better detail.
In fact, he may even supply a link to a thread where he already has !


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Medium -

At the moment, using an Auto-Load Preset to adjust the volume for individual files is probably your best option. The process is as DJ Egg described it, more specifically Presets -> Save -> Auto-load preset.

One other thing I would suggest is to create a "Default" EQ setting. Adjust your EQ the way you want it for a "normal" music file, and then select Presets -> Save -> Default. Then, when you play your music files, make sure the EQ's On/Off and Auto buttons are both ON. Your "abnormal" files will each use their own EQ presets, and your "normal" files will use your default EQ preset.

Rock Steady and Audiostocker are two "normalizing" plugins that I have tested but don't personally use anymore. They work to an extent, but they continually adjust "sections" of each music file, instead of just adjusting the overall volume. As a result, they make some songs (those that have both "quiet" and "loud" passages) sound weird.

Winamp 3.0 (due in 2001) and Winamp 2.7+ (due later this month) both promise ID3v2 Tag support. I believe the ID3v2 standard allows for a "relative volume adjustment" field, which I presume would work in conjunction with the EQ, similar to an Auto-Load Preset. But I haven't heard any specific confirmation that Winamp will utilize such a feature.

It has also been promised that Winamp 3.0 would include AGC (Automatic Gain Control) but I have not heard any further details regarding that either.

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Sorry about bringing up the 'really' old thread here, but I've done some testing with RVA, relative volume adjustments. Does Winamp, either 2.80 or 3, support RVA2? With my limited testing, it seems as if it does not, but I am just checking just incase. Thanks
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Volume Logic provides real-time normalisation of sections. I think one can also adjust the granularity of the processing too.

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Full list of normalization/autogain plugins here
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