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When I try and play WAV files in Winamp I get an error message - Cannot find destination format. Why do I get this and how do I play WAV files. These files I have downloaded from www.themez.co.uk and are old TV themes.
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The WAV files on that site are actually compressed MPEG Layer 3 Waves.
They have been encoded in a special way so as to reduce the file size.
At a guess, you are either missing the relevant codec, or it is not enabled in:
MultiMedia Control Panel -> Advanced tab (aka: Devices tab) -> Audio Compression codecs -> Relevant codec -> Properties -> Checkmark : Use this codec
You may also wish to check the "Media Devices" section likewise, though only "enable" VCR & Laserdisk if you have the actual hardware.

Do these WAV's play okay with Windows Media Player ?

For Winamp:
Try using the DirectSound Output instead of WaveOut [Prefs -> Output].
If you experience problems, you'll probably need to install DirectX7 (or higher).

More info c/o this thread in the TSGH forum:
"Re: Problems with WAV Files [MMSYSTEM032]" Section

btw, I just visited the site to try for myself.
I ended up downloading the Dr.Who theme, of all things, and it played fine in both WMP & Winamp, so the problem is definitely at your end.
What soundcard do you have & do you have the latest drivers ?

Another way of checking you have all the relevant codecs:
Add/Rem Programs Control Panel -> Windows SetUp tab
Multimedia Components -> Details
Make sure there's a checkmark [not grey out either] next to:
Audio & Video Compression + MediaPlayer
If not, you will need your Windows CD-ROM in the drive b4 clicking Okay.


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