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Ok, I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! I keep getting the error message MMSYSTEM004. I've already tried to change my preferences to "directsound", I also restarted my computer (several times), finally I even Downloaded DX7Aeng (a driver that was supposed to solve my promblem). Nothing is working, I keep getting the same error. If you can help me - e-mail me @ kirstensears@yahoo.com

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Mr. Ice
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it sounds like your card's drivers are messed up somehow. try downloading the latest drivers for your soundcard and installing them.
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Thanks Mr. Ice!

That's exactly what I did and guess what? It totally works now! THANKS WINAMP YOU'RE GREAT!!!!!

I bow down to all winamp people
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I came to this forum with the same infuriating MMSYSTEM004 problem. I'll try your solution and hope it works... thanks.
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gaff - are you running two Winamps, & D.J. ing? have you tried switching options>preferences>output to DirectSoundOut?

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I installed the latest driver for my soundblaster 16 and still get the error message. I can move the playbar and get about a half second anywhere in the song but nothing continues after this. Any other suggestions?
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Have you tried the DirectSound plug ? If it doesnt work, try checking your directX.
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Check your sound-codecs if they are all turned on.
Config. Screen > multimedia > Sound Codecs
Put them all on and restart, problem should be solved

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Im having the same problem...
Where is this config. screen thing that your talking about?
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Sound Codecs?????
I go to Control Panel / Multimedia and my only options are Audio, Video, MIDI, CD, Devices. I am running WIN98. Where are these sound codecs you are speaking of?
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DJ Egg
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MultiMedia Control Panel -> Advanced tab (aka: Devices tab)
Audio & Video Compression Codecs should be listed as two seperate items.
Open each tab, hi-lite each entry in turn and click "Configure"
Make sure "Use this Codec" is checkmarked.

If there's no such listings, place your Windows CD-ROM in the drive & goto
Add/Remove Programs CPL -> Windows SetUp tab
Multimedia Components -> Details
Place a checkmark next to Audio Compression, Video Compression, & Media Player, click "Okay" and let Windows do its thing !


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Your problem most likely has nothing to do with your sound card or drivers. An mmsystem004 error is usually the result of an IRQ conflict. If you added new equipment or changed new equipment lately, that could be part of the problem.

Here is a simple fix that should get you back to normal:

1. Reboot your computer
2. Hit delete when it first starts up to enter into the CMOS
3. Select PNP/PCI Configuration
4. Highlight PNP OS Installed and set the answer to NO.
5. Save changes and exit.

That should fix it. Good luck!
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To DJ Egg - i tried it, but how do you "open" the tab? all i see is "properties" when i right clicked it. what are "drivers" and where can you download the drivers for your soundcard? i think my comp's totally messed up :S Please help thanks!
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DJ Egg
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Wow. You've revived a very old thread here.

First, we're going to need a bit more information...

What is your Windows OS?
Do you know either the soundcard make/model,
or the pc/motherboard make/model (if it's an onboard sound chip)?
What version of DirectX is installed?
What version # of Winamp is installed?
Is WaveOut or DirectSound the currently active (highlighted) Output plugin in Winamp?
What file formats are you playing at the time?
(mp3, wma, midi, wav, audio cd, other?)

I'm not even sure what tab/properties you're referring to. My instructions above were for Windows 98.
However, MMSYSTEM004 (Device already in use) has got nothing much to do with system codecs. It's an error caused by old soundcards with old drivers on old Operating Systems... but I can't really give any precise instructions until you provide us with the required details.

Further info...

RE: MMSYSTEM004 Error (Device already in use)
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