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Since I installed WinAmp I have not been able to get my Windows 2000 event sounds. I can play CD's and various other sound files, MP3, etc. I have tried both WinAmp and Windows MP as the associated application for .wav files. WinAmp plays okay, Windows MP plays okay when I double click a .wav file, but the event sounds won't play for email notification, Windows Start Up, etc. Also, in the Sounds applet in Control Panel the play button is "greyed out."

If you can't tell me how to resolve the problem (possibly a Registry setting?) can you tell me how to deinstall WinAmp, since it does not show up in the Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs applet? Or, do I have to format and reinstall everything (except WinAmp) from scratch?

I've looked through your FAQ's and forums and have tried everything that looked similar, but none of that has helped. I even tried your search engine (very good) but still no help.

Sure would appreciate some expert advise on this.


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DJ Egg
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Weird !
There definitely should be an entry in Add/Rem Programs CPL
If there isn't a shortcut icon in Start Menu -> Programs -> Winamp,
then try entering the following command line in the "Run" dialog:
"C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe" /UNINSTALL

However, this is the first case of this particular problem I've come across.

Winamp is the best Media Player by far and this sort of thing shouldn't be happening whatsoever !
Sounds like some codecs got screwed up somewhere along the line.
Try going to MultiMedia CPL -> Advanced tab -> Media Control Devices
Make sure "Wave Audio Device" is enabled [Properties -> Use this device]
You might also want to check under "Audio Compression Codecs" too.

If any components are missing, goto:
Add/Rem Prog's -> Windows Setup -> MultiMedia Components -> Details
Make sure Video/Audio Compression & Media Player are all checkmarked.
If they weren't or were greyed out, place your Windows CD-ROM in the drive & let Windows do its thing.


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this is exactly what has happened to me, i am unable to get my new mail sound, or my theme sounds and also, i get the mmsystem004 error. any suggestions????i guess i will have to uninstall it if i cannot figure it out. i saw the posts about the system error, but i did not see where anyone else had the event sounds go away also. i really love this player , but i need my sounds.
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i tried all the things you suggested and none of them worked, i guess i will try uninstalling and then reinstalling
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ahop -

What make/model of soundcard does your computer have?
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DJ Egg
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For MMSYSTEM004 issues: check this thread from TSGH forum & follow the links from there:

Try these one at a time:
1. Reboot
2. Re/install latest version of drivers for soundcard.
3. Try changing the Output Device from WaveMapper to one that best describes your soundcard (Prefs -> Output -> WaveOut -> Configure)
4. You also might want to try using the DirectSound Output Plug-in instead of WaveOut. DirectSound Output uses DirectX drivers which support multiple audio streams by default.

Like Rev. Ike says, it all depends on your type of soundcard and whether it supports full duplex & multiple audio streams.
The best way to find out would be via :
System Control Panel -> Device Mgr -> Sound Controllers
Hi-lite your soundcard -> Properties -> Settings tab.

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guys, if u install netscape and check winamp in it, u wont have an entry of winamp on the add/remove in cpl as winamp becomes a part of netscape, maybe this is what happened..?

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