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What's the difference in quality etc between the Nullsoft WaveOut Plugin and the Nullsoft DirectSound Plugin... ??

The WaveOut plugin sounds a bit louder... Can't hear many differences though... Also how come by using the DirectSound plugn, some of your playback problems are solved ? Using DirectSound I can have multiple instances of Winamp or different audio players etc playing mp3s etc with no "MMSYSTEM004 The specified device is already in use. Wait until it is free, and then try again" errors...

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Mr. Ice
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there isn't really a quality difference. the only difference i've noticed is the volume drop you mentioned. they are just two different ways of getting the sound to your soundcard.

waveout works by sending a sound stream directly to your soundcard. if you have an old card, it can only handle one stream at a time, hence the "device in use error" when you try to play more than one thing at a time. directsound works by sending a sound stream to windows. windows then mixes it together with all the other directsound streams it is receiving and sends a single combined stream to your soundcard.
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There's also a big difference in CPU usage. While playing the same MP3 file, the total CPU usage on my 266 MHz mobile Pentium II while using the waveOut plug-in varied between 2-4%, but the total CPU usage while using the DirectSound plug-in varied between 51-52%.

[Note: These results were from Windows' very inaccurate System Monitor, using whichever version of the DirectSound plug-in was the latest back in July. For more up-to-date, accurate results, see my post here.]

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That's funny. I haven't heard any difference in the volume. It doesn't drop or raise at all. Hmmm.....

I do have a question, though. It's kinda off-topic. How come the eq seems to have more effect on MP3s than on CDs. I've encoded MP3s from CDs without using any eq variations (i.e. the eq is flat), but the resulting MP3s sound different. It's like the eq boosts (or cuts) the sound even more. They seem to sound better than the original CD tracks that they came from. It's no big deal, I was just wondering...


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Mr. Ice
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the winamp eq doesn't work with cd's unless you have the cd reader plug-in.
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I have heard a lot about this Direct Sound pluggin but can't find it anywhere. where can I download this wonderful little file?
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It's included with Winamp. Go to the preferences (control + P) > plugins > output > Nullsoft Directsound plugin. Just select it and that's it.

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With an SB 64 PCI soundcard, there was a big difference in volume : Wavout was louder, but Directsound had a better sound. Now that I have an SB live, there's no difference in volume at all, and a very little difference in sound : waveout is a little better.
It seems to be a conplicated topic, maybe its even different with Windows 95 and 98, because the first is said to use vxd sound drivers while the second uses wdm drivers.
PP and Prodangle should know more about this.

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The whole directsound thing's lovely, but when I use it I get loads of crackle, pops and wildebeest. I've tried just about every combination of settings, DirectX8 but I can't make it stop. My soundcard's a SB PCI64.

PS Was lying about the wildebeest.
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