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I have installed Winamp over and over, but whenever I click on an mp3 on the web, it plays through Real Player. I've gone into "My Computer" and made sure that mp3's are associated with Winamp, but Real Player won't give up. Anyone know what the deal is?
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yeah. real player sucks.
in winamp, go to preferences -> setup -> agent. check all 3 boxes. this will enable the winamp agent which allows winamp to retain the settings you choose. note, the agent interferes with disk utilities such as defrag and scandisk. you'll have to shut it down before you can successfully run one of those programs.

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"Shut it down" instructions below (c/o Tom)

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If you play around with real player configuration, it wont take over .mp3s and the stuff you want to play with winamp. i think the termonology in real player is a bit confusing, just tell it to only use it's native file associations (.rm.. whatever)..
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If you have RealPlayer 7 or 8, the exact sequence of labels / menus / buttons to click are as follows:[list=1][*] View -> Preferences[*] "Upgrade" tab[*] "Auto Restore Settings" button[*] From the list of file associations, uncheck those you don't want RealPlayer to steal.[*] "Re-associate" button : repeat step 4[/list=1]

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[Also included a step 5]

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Mr. Ice,

I am a beginner/first time user of mp3/winamp. I downloaded Winamp's latest version last Sunday, and today I ran my scheduled defrag and scandisk. Both entered a loop, which stopped when I uninstalled Winamp. Searching the forums I found your comment and I would like your help to walk me through the shut down sequence. I tried on my own without success (I am still far from being a computer genius). Also the icon for Winamp appears on my system tray and I tried to remove it from there without success. Please, if this is too basic for you, redirect me to the right person.

Appreciate your help,


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If you just want to disable Agent just while you run scan disk/defrag then press Alt + Ctrl + Delete (all at the same time, just press them once), in the box that pops up find the program called winampa. Click on that and choose "End Task", then close that window. The next time you startup your computer Agent will be running again if you do it this way.

If you want to disable it forever then:
Open Winamp
Press Ctrl + P (at the same time)
Click on "Agent"
Uncheck "Enable Agent"
Press Close and that should be it.

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make it stop

real player just won't let me do anything. i've got g2, am using winamp 2.73, and i have all files associated on winamp, and have realplayer unassociated just like every single suggestion i've seen on these threads.

i tried installing and unistalling winamp 2.72 and realplayer in every conceiveable combination and order, checking the settings everytime. when i moved up to 2.73 yesterday, same problems exist. i just wanna listen to SHOUTcast. pleeze help, someone!
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