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I have downloaded and installed a few visual plug-ins that I no longer want. I want to remove them, but they do not appear in my Add/Remove Programs list, and there is no "REMOVE PLUGIN" option that I can find in WinAmp.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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DJ Egg
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This is very much a FAQ !

Firstly, goto Add/Remove Programs Control Panel to see if there is an uninstall option for any of the plugins here. Note that this will be very rare, but some plugins (such as WildTangent and Mr.Goochie) do have this option, because they place a control panel extension (*.cpl) in the Windows\System dir.
The only other one I know of is the MediaJuice MJF Input plugin.
nb. Make sure Winamp is closed b4 uninstalling any plugins.

If there is no entry in Add/Remove Programs CPL,
the method for removing all other plugins is as follows:

1. Goto "Winamp Options -> vis plug-ins" and make a list of the ones you no longer want. It's the actual filename you need to make a note of, eg. "vis_tripout.dll".
(If the plugin is not of the vis variety, goto the relevant section, eg. DSP/FX)

2. Fully close Winamp

3. Open the folder "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins" [by default]

4. Remove the DLL's you made a list of in step 1

If you simply want to temporarily disable any, then rename them with the .OFF or .OLD extension, eg. vis_trip.dll.off | dsp_mix.dll.old | etc.

There will probably be a few text files [*.txt] or subfolders with roughly the same name as each respective DLL. These can be removed too (though keep them if you're just temporarily disabling).

Just in case, backup everything first before fully deleting . . . the Recycle Bin is an ideal place for this.

5. Re-open Winamp

6. Goto : Prefs -> Plugins : Click "Flush Plug-in name cache" button.
(This refreshes the list of currently installed plugins in the winamp.pic file)

If you're fully happy and everything is working and as you intend it to be . . . empty the Recycle Bin . . . and voila !

It would also be wise to open the plugin.ini file [with Notepad] in the Winamp\Plugins dir & remove all references to any uninstalled plugins.
There may also be references to said plugin/s that you can remove from the winamp.ini file (main Winamp dir), especially where Input and Output plugins are concerned!
(b4 editing these files, make sure Winamp is not running at the time)

This is the 1 and only way to "uninstall" any Winamp plug-ins.

The same method applies to skins aswell.
Exit Winamp, goto your Winamp\skins dir & remove whichever ones you no longer want.


A few people have reported that they can't see any DLL files in the Plugins dir.

Windows treats DLL's as hidden files by default.

If this is the case, goto:
Windows Folder Options -> View tab

Uncheck: Hide extensions for known file types
Under "Hidden Files", checkmark "show all files"

DJ - Egg

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