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i've read through every thread and topic, tried every suggestion and can't access the cddb with the cd reader input. it works fine otherwise. i'm running winamp 2.72 and cdreader 1.83. after attempting to connect and retrive info i get an "CDDB Error, connection failed" pop-up. i've renamed the two suggested files and configured the cddb tab everyway possible with no luck. funny thing is, if i use the orignal input, the cddb lookup works fine! any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Try changing the address of the CDDB server in Cd-Reader's configuration window.
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any others to try?
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Send a message via ICQ to CantSlowDown Send a message via AIM to CantSlowDown

-this one will work

good luck
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I have been experiencing the exact same problem as xsbee where the CDDB works just fine for the original winamp CD input plugin and not for CDREADER. I have found the only way to solve this problem is to use the adress us.cddb.com:80 No other port or adress seems to work. I tried as CantSlowDown suggested but without appending :80 the CDDB will not work.
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try FreeDB
How to Configure Winamp to access FreeDB
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Can someone me to a thread on how to configure Winamp to access freedb? I tried to follow one but it ran into a dead end. I have Audiograbber working fine but I can't get Winamp to see the correct audio CD when it's inserted. It brings up the wrong CD.

Where is the file that Winamp is accessing to get this info? Perhaps I can fix it there???

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Grrr...they changed the URL:
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Try getting latest CDReader plugin, v1.95
(Uses freedb.freedb.org by default)

Gracenote cddb.com has upgraded to CDDB2, so old cddb.cddb.com/us.cddb.com addresses only work for players/plugins which support it.
WA 2.78c default in_cdda.dll supports CDDB2, CDreader doesn't.

Yes sawg, remember to update your copy of TSGH -> Useful Links regularly.
I edited that entry about a week ago.

Though you'd think freedb.org at least should've provided an auto-redirect.

Oops, sorry sawg, just realized this is an old revived thread from last year.
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Hmmm I got same problem?
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The old 3rd-party CDReader plugin (in_cdreader.dll) is probably no longer compatible with Winamp 5.2x and is certainly not supported here. It also isn't really required anymore, since Winamp's default CD plugin (in_cdda.dll) supports Digital Audio Extraction as from Winamp 2.9 and later.

Additionally, and afaik, freedb is dead, or is about to be.

But hey, this thread is like 4 or 5 years old, heh :/
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i have same problem too,but i will try this couple solutions
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I think, you can try latest version of CD reader and might be your problem solve.
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