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I have read the many threads posted here, and let me tell this does not work:->http://www.url*****~copah/CDReader.htm<-.
I have a new HP with Pentium 4 and all the new hardware and software installed.

Using the Russian's patch does not work and creates an additional error which has been documented here:[http://forums.winamp.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=15&daysprune=], creating this message-->["ASPI error:0x4 (SRB completed with error) Sense Key:0x3 (Medium error) Sense Code:0x2 0x0 (No seek complete)"].

I think this is a common problem and no-one has really addressed the problem for those of us who find no comfort in repeating the Russian URL. I have sent an e-mail to WinAmp asking for their help, but if anyone can offer intelligent commentary, I shall be most grateful. BTW I have tried every possible iteration of the various suggestions (volume controls etc.) and nothing works. I like this little player, but this is all getting tedious.

Feel free to write direct to: tolipa@hotmail.com .

Thank you all in advance
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You haven't even told us what the exact nature of the problem was with the original default CD plugin; or whether you can play CD's ok with any other software players; or given us any sys specs (including: WinOS, CD-ROM type & speed, & soundcard, etc).
Ranting won't get you anywhere my friend!

The actual problem relating to the ASPI error is documented in the CDReader readme.txt

nb. Only click this link if you have CDReader installed & in the default dir.

However, as the CDReader author is actually Russian, the file is written mainly in broken English, and therefore I can see why certain people might have slight problems understanding it clearly.
I'm actually thinking of re-writing it, to correct all spelling & grammatical errors, and then putting it up on the web somewhere, with a link in TSGH.

Basically, you need to either install/upgrade one or more of your:
1. Soundcard or its drivers
2. CD-ROM drive or its drivers
3. Windows ASPI drivers

You may even be able to get CDReader to work if you configure it correctly
(Winamp Prefs -> Input -> CDreader -> config)
Hi-lite the drive/s & click configure.
You're on your own from thereon (...trial & error)

Or if you want to use the default plugin instead,
make sure there's a cable from your CD-ROM drive to your soundcard.

Good luck!
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Re: CD Reader

Sorry...I thought it would be obvious that the problem is that WinAmp will not play CDs from my players...that was the point about the constant rehashing of the Russian URL.

This is a new HP using a pentium 4 at 1396 mhz with 2GB of memory. The OS is ME and the CD roms are Samsung CD-R/RW with a transfer rate of 4638.66 kb/sec, and a LITEON with a transfer rate of 2410.48 kb/sec. The sound card is Creative SB Live.

Every other player I have on this machine (Real Player, Windows Media Player, and Music Match Juke Box) works with the CD-ROMs. Only Win-Amp fails the test. As for the posts to which you referred me, none seem to resolve the problem, and I have neither the time nor the inclination to chase these threads around trying to solve WinAmps compatability problems.

Understand, this is not a rant, just the frustration of an enduser with a program that purports to be the cutting edge in technology when it has trouble keeping up with cheesy bundled programs. If WinAmp wants to compete with the big boys, it should not expect people like me to start re-arranging drivers in its system to make it work with the latest technology. As user Dietrich said in one of the posts to which you referred me:

"From what I'm seeing, there are many people who are having the same problems I am having with WinAmp not playing audio CD's, and they are not ever getting resolved. Anyway, why should I have to go to another web site and download a totally different driver that was not included with the installation of WinAmp, install it, and rename the old one. Although I had no problems trying it, it didn't even work. When I want to listen to CD's, I don't want to spend time tweaking software - I just want to listen to music".

Nicely put, Dietrich.

In my humble opinion WinAmp should start reading the posts on its own forums and respond to its users trials, rather than engaging its frustrated users in witty repartee.

Like I said, this is not a rant, just a statement. I am an end user, I have three other players I can use, but I want to use WinAmp and they tell me they are the best. In some respects WinAmp may be the best, however in responding to well documented end user problems that have gone on for far too long, and in producing a product that will simply play my CDs, I fear WinAmp comes in a very weak fourth.

No wonder Bill Gates is so rich. It may be cheesy but it works. Cheers!
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DJ Egg
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Well, Winamp has never claimed to be the greatest software CD Player around,
but I know it to be the best MP3 player there is, beyond a shadow of a doubt. That's why you'll always find it listed under the MP3 software section on every major site.
It's pretty damn fine when it comes to playing most other formats too, and at least it has options (extra downloadable input plugins) to support virtually every multimedia format that exists, unlike certain other players.
Also, it is far superior when it comes to streaming . . . far far superior!

Personally, I rarely use Winamp for CD's, although I'm listening to one on it right now (just to test a few theories) & it's playing perfectly ok!
My personal default player is the almighty CD Spectrum Pro.
Now that does claim to be strictly a CD Player, and totally awesome it is too; however, it's pretty lousy when it comes to playing MP3's.

Some times, if certain features of certain programs don't function properly when you first install them, invariably this means that something is wrong in the configuration.

Anyway, thankyou for most of the info I requested.
However, you still haven't explained the full nature of the problem.
What happens when you try to play a CD with the default plugin?
Does nothing load into the playlist at all?
Does Winamp crash/freeze?
Do tracks load but won't play?
Do tracks load & play, but you can't hear anything?
etc etc etc.

I take it you've got the latest version of Winamp?
And the latest version of CDReader too?

What method do you use to play cd's?
There are three different ones to choose from:
1) Winamp is associated with both audio cd & cda extension in Prefs -> FileTypes
This should make Winamp autorun when you insert any audio cd
2) Winamp main menu -> Play -> Audio CD
3) Winamp main menu -> Play -> Location (Hotkey = Ctrl+L)
type in : cda://<driveletter> -> okay
eg. cda://d
Naturally, if the device isn't allocated to drive D, change it accordingly,
eg. cda://g
You can also use track numbers as an extra parameter,
eg. cda://d,2 (plays track # 2)

The drive letter allocation might well be the key issue here.

The only other configuration option is to remove/enable the checkmark next to "sample data from soundcard" in the cd plugin config (which I'm sure you've already tried)
The "use cddb" option could also be causing the problem, so disable this for now too? (very unlikely though)

If you still can't get winamp to play cd's, this is when we recommend installing the CDReader plugin, as it offers extra options & advanced support. This especially applies if there is no audio cable connecting your cd-rom drive & soundcard. CDReader has the capacity to read data directly.

nb. You have to disable the default plugin in order to enable CDReader.
This entails closing Winamp, going to the Winamp\Plugins dir & renaming
in_cdda.dll to in_cdda.dll.off
If you wish to use cddb with CDReader, you'll also need to rename
in_cdda.cdb to in_cdda.cdb.off
CDReader stores cddb info in the same file as Windows CD Player

Now re-open Winamp and CDReader will be the default plugin.
You can still use the play -> location option as in method 3) above
This is so that you can choose the correct drive letter!

If you still get the ASPI error message, then you'll need to configure the CDReader properly. Yes, I know, it's a chore, but it's necessary sad to say!

Prefs -> Input -> CDReader -> config
hi-lite the respective drives in the list & click "configure"
Various "read options" include:
Changing the Interface field from ASPI (default) to Win32 (c/o drop down menu)
...or vice-versa?
If ASPI is selected:
Check the correct device is assigned to the respective drive letter.
etc etc . . . as I say, it could well be a trial & error process.

But if other players work ok, then there's no reason why Winamp shouldn't either.

btw, have you already tried changing the output plugin to DirectSound?
Prefs -> Output -> hi-lite DirectSound
This forces Winamp to use DirectX audio drivers.
You also have the options in here to configure it to use your soundcard's output device, instead of the default "Primary Sound Driver" (c/o drop down menu).

If nothing here works, then sorry, but I give in.

The only other things I can think of is that maybe you've installed some other plugins that are possibly dodgy or incompatible? (General Purpose; DSP/FX; Input)

In particular, if you've recently updated your SBLive/Liveware drivers,
CreativeLabs have been placing a lame plugin in the Winamp\Plugins dir that has been reported to effectively render Winamp useless.
If there's a file called gen_nomad.dll in this dir, get rid of it ASAP.

And . . . I sincerely understand your frustrations and feel for you.
I can't offer any better free tech support than this. I am only a voluntary forum moderator, not a Winamp developer/programmer & not a Nullsoft employee.

Best of luck.

/End of mini novel, with the most minimum witty repartee possible.

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