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I recently did a clean install of Win98SE - deleted, then recreated the Primary DOS HD Partition using "fdisk", did a "format c: /s", and from there continued with a successful installation.

I haven't yet installed Winamp...

In the past Winamp 2.73 has worked without flaw for me. I see that 2.75 is now the most current version. I'd like to try it, yet I'm hesitant to install it, on the off-chance that it doesn't get on well with my system. Windows uninstalls are notoriously sloppy, what with the myriad registry entries, the file spewing, and of course the shared dll files adventure...

Having spent a good amount of time "rebuilding" my system (with "known to peacefully coexist with my system" software), I'm still in that semi-paranoid, "I ain't installing *that* - no telling what trouble it might cause" mode...

Any info on how to *fully* uninstall WA 2.75? So if I need to, I can then install WA 2.73, which I know to work?

Thanks so very much!
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Ummmmmmmm.... I haven't yet figured out why you'd need to go back to 2.73....
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chiquita chad
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go to start>settings>control panel
then click on add/remove programs... find winamp and click add/remove.. then find somewhere where you can d/load winamp 2.73

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DJ Egg
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If you wanna go the whole hog:

As chiquita chad says, uninstall via Add/Remove Programs.
If you also installed support for MJuice files, uninstall this first!
(MJuice Components -> Add/Remove)
Next, check all files are gone. If anything still exists:
delete the Winamp dir, delete MJuice dir, delete C:\Windows\winamp.ini
Start -> Run -> Regedit
Edit -> Find -> winamp (use F3/Find Next - for further entries)
Delete any keys/strings

Goto: http://www.winampheaven.net
Download & install v2.73

nb. Some 3rd party plugins also create entries in Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, so if they exist, remove these first. One prime example is the WildTangent plugin (games). Check the list carefully, though I'm sure you know which extra plugins you've installed & what to look for!

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That's what I was looking for!

Thanks DJEgg!
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