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Hi everybody
i dont know how i did this but the right and bottom edges of the playlist window seems to be chopped off and i cant bring them back up. as a result i cannot view the whole window and lose the sort buttons etc, at the bottom of the page.i cannot resize the window either since the window buttons @ upper right are chopped and scroll bar is history.So i have this maximized playlist that is really annoying.i am able to grab a bit of it and move it around the screen but the edges of the PL are still gone.
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DJ Egg
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Close Winamp
Goto the Winamp dir (by default = C:\Program Files\Winamp)
Open: Winamp.ini (in Notepad)
Scroll down for the following entries & change the values accordingly:
Save & close the file.
This will make the PE its smallest possible size when you next open Winamp.
You can resize/move it to your preferred size/position from thereon.


The pe_wx and pe_wy values control the vertical and horizontal positions.

eg. if you have winamp aligned to the left of the screen with the main window in the top left corner, the EQ docked directly below, and the playlist below that, the settings would be:


However, these settings are relevant to 800x600 screen resolution, so you'll need to do a bit of maths to work out the equivalent ratios if your screen res is higher/lower.
This only applies to the pe_wx and pe_wy settings, because you can just enter any small value for pe_width and pe_height (eg. 50 or 100) and if it's a smaller value than the smallest possible value, then Winamp will automatically revert to the default settings next time it opens.
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Thanks DJEgg for your advice about ( cropped )playlist window size settings. i ended up gettin bored before your post, and uninstalled/reinstalled WA. That remedied my problem for the time being.
But i will keep your advice handy , since the problem may creep out again. Later.
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