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Winamp wont show up in start bar...wont show up period

I changed priority level of Winamp to "idle" and now whenever I open Winamp it minimizes it on opening and then doesnt show up in the start bar...so i basically cant use. Please tell me what to do
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Woah! That's a new one on me!

I'm not going to try reproduce it, 'cos I'd actually class that as a bug,
but I'll tell you how to fix it instead.

Close Winamp using Task Manager
(Win9x: Ctrl+Alt+Del | Win2k/XP: Ctrl+Shift+Esc)
Winamp -> End Task

In Explorer, goto your winamp folder (c:\program files\winamp)
Open winamp.ini in Notepad

Scroll down for this entry and change it accordingly:


Yours will currently be set to priority=0 so change it to priority=1 (normal)

Also check the following entries are as follows:


I know taskbar=0 sounds like it should mean: no icon in the taskbar, but it's actually the setting to make winamp appear in the taskbar only.

Save winamp.ini
Reopen Winamp

Let me know if this fixes it.

If not, then check the properties of the desktop/start menu shortcut icon, and make sure Run is set to "normal window" (not "minimized")
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Thank you!

Hey it worked like a charm, thanks a lot!
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I had thw same problem.
Thanks DJ Egg!

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