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Wussy Comp?

Does anybody else find avs to run rather slow? It looks rather lagged
I have an Epox-8kha+ w/ 256 mb of PC-2400 DDR RAM
1.33 ghz T-Bird @ 1.5
Geforce 2 GTS
ATA/100 7200 rpm HD
Shouldnt i be able to pull it off?
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Yes, you should be able to pull it off, but it depends on which AVS you are trying to load.

Some AVS have such graphical complexity that even a very fast computer cannot run it at lightning speed.

Try resizing your window to a smaller size, so that it is comfortable enough for your speeds, and the computers speeds. It is a compromising situation.

Hope this helps.

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That is why optimizing comes in handy. For example, I saw a pack that had four water bumps effects in a row in it (very slow). The same effect could be generated by using just one scatter effect.

I also find that some packs have more than one movement in them. All custom movements can be combined into one movement, except when using a preset movement, where you do not know the math.

A tool to help a person with optimizing is the windowed performance slider in the display options. Slide it down a bit, and see if you can change your vis to get the framerate you had before adjusting the slider (and keep it looking about the same).

I usually leave the slider at the halfway mark, so that I can make good AVSs for both slower computers (compared to this p3 933) and to allow good framerates on high fullscreen resolutions.
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I said this a while ago, but I will bring it up again because it's relevent. If you can do it (ie have WinXP), turn alpha blending on and put the slider a hair away from "none". You will get about a 25-35% increase in windowed frame rate.

I think working with the constant overhead of frame rate really adds something to design. It's like your working with a very limited resourse or fuel. At the same time though, if you create a masterpiece and it brings your computer down to 11-12 fps fullscreen, I say do it. Even if a computer slower than yours isn't going to be able to handle it. They will eventually upgrade and have a nice treat waiting for them when they do.
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