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Music pops and skips

When I play songs with Winamp, they tend to pop and skip a lot. I've been using the DirectSound and Waveout output plugins and changing the settings, but nothing seems to work. It's not that they are bad files 'cause there's too many of them and it doesn't occur in the same spot.
I don't have the gen_nomad.dll, so I can't delete that. I've looked all over the forum and tried the various suggestions, but still can't seem to fix the problem. Here's my system specs:

PIII 1gig
512 RAM
Hercules Prophet II MX
SB Live Platinum 5.1

Thanks in advance
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The Boyster
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I had a similar problem with my laptop Compaq M300 PIII 500, 320Mb Ram. The problem turned out to be a compaq add on to windows 'compaq insight managment' which was doing something in windows to disrupt winamp every few minutes causing it jump and pop. I removed all crappy windows add-ins (system info, management agents etc.) and all now works fine. Windows also boots about twice as fast. Are you running (do ctrl alt delete to see) any progs in the background which may be interfering with winamp as I don't see it being a machine issue (I have a p133 laptop running winamp fine)

Cheers, Mark.
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DJ Egg
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Yeah, other interfering background apps that spring to mind are:
MS Office Find Fast, MS Task Scheduler, any real-time virus scanner . . .

If it's not something like this, then:
1) Make sure you have the latest version of Winamp (2.78)
2) Install this patch: Winamp 2.78 Update

Further details of patch, plus individual component downloads here:
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....threadid=68811 (read this first)

Apart from all that, make sure you've got the latest Win2k SBLive/Live!Ware drivers from Creative: 1 | 2 | 3

And check all the threads in the relevant "skipping" section of:
TSGH -> Useful Links
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