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Using Win98SE with Winamp 2.78c

After running Winamp for a while, I find that my computer runs slower.
I checked and found that my allocated memory was over 640MB, which is how much physical memory I have in my system.

I restarted, and found that if I leave my computer running with AIM, anti-virus, etc, and no Winamp, then my memory is fine when I close the programs.
When I run Winamp, and this is a fresh install with no 3rd pary plug-ins and nothing but what it came with, my allocated memory will increase to a point where regular use of my computer and MP3 listening quality will deteriorate. I will hear skips and such, and I know that it is not my sound card.
I am able to run Windows Media player on my Winamp list and will not have this issue.
From what I read on this forum, it seems that Winamp doesn't handle the file handles correctly or something.
I would really like to know what Winamp does here that my other apps seem to avoid.
Thanks, and aside from this Winamp is an excellent product. I would like to keep using it.
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ist death
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full system specs ? any third-party winamp plugins installed ?
(damn how many times do i have to type the same reply to all people)
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Well, PigeonGB says above that he/she doesn't have any 3rd-party plugins . . . but then again, many have alleged this before, until (for example) they told us their soundcard was an SBAudigy or SBLive and removing gen_nomad.dll fixed all their problems.
So yes, full sys specs are required (CPU, motherboard/chipset, soundcard, videocard, Windows OS, DirectX version), because well over 90% of Winamp users don't experience these kind of problems, if any problems at all.
If it was a bug, then everyone would be affected. Agreed?

First thing you should do is to read all the sticky threads at the top of the Bug Reports forum.
Make sure you have all the correct & latest drivers.
Install wa2update.
Switch between WaveOut & DirectSound Output.
etc etc.

Also, tell us which filetypes you are playing.
Is it with all media types, or just one? (eg. MP3, WAV, WMA, MID, MOD, AudioCD)

Further help/tips:
From: TSGH -> Useful Links

Re: Windows Memory Leaks:

Troubleshooter Guides:

Basic Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure:
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I ran the update, and I do in fact have a SB Live! Value in my system.
I am currently testing to see if I get memory that won't deallocate.
I didn't find that .dll file or any of the .dll files specified in the thread you mentioned.
Hopefully the update was all I needed. See, I like to make use of DOS so I can program in QBasic as a hobby. I do game reviews and so sound blaster 16 support is needed for these games. If I use the latest SB drivers, SB16 support is either nonexistent or bad.
If I still have problems, I will try to install the latest drivers and hope I can still play the games.
Thanks for the info and thanks for taking the time to actually read my post instead of assuming it is 3rd party plugins. After I read quite a few posts, I knew I had to specify that I didn't have any installed (that I know of).

Also, I forgot to mention that I had tested Windows Media Player 6.4 (as it is smaller and runs faster than 7 or whatever the newest one is). I had it run and it was able to reallocate whatever memory it required when I closed it. This is why I think it is possibly Winamp.
Of course, if Musicmatch Jukebox also had issues with not deallocating memory, I am wondering just what it is that WMP does different than Winamp or Musicmatch.

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WMP uses DirectSound Output by default.

Try switching to DirectSound Output in Winamp.
Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Plugins -> Output: select "out_ds.dll" (preferably Peter's new one)
This will utilize Micro$oft's DirectX drivers to process the sound directly through the soundcard, whereas WaveOut uses your soundcard drivers to create a bigass WAV into memory buffers in real time (somethin' like that anyway)
And of course, if you're using old buggy drivers . . . go figure

Then again, apparently, Creative's latest drivers aren't too hot either:

SBLive/Audigy related issues:
Audigy specific issues
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=50447 (ctmp3.acm)
http://alive.singnet.com.sg/tech/click.htm (clicks+pops)
http://alive.singnet.com.sg/tech/via.htm (Via BIOS fix)
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....878#post444878 (general issues)
(From: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=71102)
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....240#post445240 (general issues)
(From: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=71359)
Latest SBLive drivers: 1 | 2 | 3

ps. btw, Peter (the first guy who replied) is Peter Pawlowski, one of Winamp's main programmers . . . so please be nice
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Of course B-)

I can understand how frustrating it is to get the same newbie questions every day. Obviously my problem is not something that most people have so for all I do know, it is not a Winamp issue.
According to my tests, it doesn't seem to be only Winamp that apparantly causes memory leaks, which would show that Winamp is not at fault at all.

I just got fed up with having to restart more than I had to, being that I run Win98SE which is buggy as it is.
At least now that I came here to ask, I can find out exactly what the issue is or at least be pointed in the right direction.

I think Winamp is an awesome product and I have always liked using it since I first heard about it. Now that I know it isn't Winamp, I can try narrowing it down to drivers for the sound card among other things.
I don't believe it has anything to do with file handles, but I don't know if this test tells me about it.
If I just open my list, and while it is playing, I press the button for the next track just enough for it to start playing before I press the next one. I keep doing this until I go through the equivalent of a few hours of playing (which usually corresponds to about 100-200MB of allocated memory). So far I see nothing but a MB of difference, which actually gets deallocated as I change from one song to another, so that seems right to me.

Obviously it is something with my sound card, or maybe just Windows APIs or something. Thanks for the help and for a great product!
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