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Freezing/Skipping? Read This First

1) Freeze-ups:

Please do not post any new threads relating to these issues.
They have been covered and resolved many times before.

For freeze-up issues see these threads:

Peter's official wa2update patch should fix all known freeze-up issues with WA 2.8x. (* see update below)

If the problem persists, then believe us, it's nothing directly to do with Winamp. Assuming you've not installed any potentially dodgy or incompatible 3rd-party Winamp plugins, your problem is being caused by some other system-specific hardware/software/driver issue. Winamp, like all other programs, can only be as stable as the system it's installed on.

If you think this is a bit of a bold statement, then look at it this way... you are in a very small percentage of Winamp users experiencing this problem. Over 90% of users do NOT experience any freeze-ups, further proving that the problem is specific to your system/hardware/drivers.

Here's living proof:

If you feel it essential to post something relating to freezing, then please follow these guidelines:
1) Make your post in one of the threads linked to in the first post of the first thread I linked to above (where it says: previously dealt with here, here & here)
2) Confirm you've got v2.81 and you've installed the wa2update patch.
3) Confirm you've removed all 3rd-party plugins, especially any gen_*.dll
4) Include all relevant system specs, particularly:
PC make/model -or- motherboard/chipset, cpu, ram, sound card/chip, videocard, Windows OS, DirectX version.
5) Confirm you've got the correct & latest sound & video drivers from the manufacturer's website(s), and not via unreliable Windows Update.
6) Confirm whether you've tried both WaveOut & DirectSound Output plugins and whether the freeze-up happens with both.
7) Confirm Winamp's priority is set to "normal" setting in Prefs -> Options, not High or Time Critical (not recommended).
8) Confirm what file types the problem occurs with,
eg. MP3, WAV, WMA, MIDI, MOD, CDA, one of, all of...
9) Confirm what other software is concurrently running, including anything in the background, eg. real-time virus scanners, crashguard protection, firewall, windows blinds/fx, real player, quicktime, etc etc (basically, everything listed in Task Manager)
10) Confirm whether you experience freeze-ups with any other software, whether multimedia players or not. If you do, then this is further evidence that the problem is NOT Winamp related, but is system-specific (could be anything from hardware failure, to bad config - BIOS or Windows, bad drivers, viruses, trojans, spyware, etc)

Other things to check/consider:
1) Run a full virus scan with the latest definition files.
2) Run Scandisk for Windows 9x/ME (Chkdsk in Win2k/XP) with full surface scan (Thorough test instead of Standard) to check your hard disk for any errors.
3) Download & run one or both of Spybot and/or Ad-Aware to make sure there's no spyware installed on your system.
Spyware gets installed by many so called freeware apps these days, anything from File Sharing Programs to Download Managers etc, and has been known to cause serious issues.

More tips here:

Basic Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure:

For Audio CD specific freeze-ups, see this thread:

- 22nd Sep 2002
wa2update is now available again for v2.81

As far as I know, all freeze-up related issues are fixed in v2.81 with wa2update.

wa2update patch is obsolete under Winamp 2.9x
2.90 users should NOT install wa2update


2) Skipping:

For skippy/choppy playback issues see here


Further tips and post guidelines/requirements can be found in Tech Support Greatest Hits... particularly:
TSGH -> Useful Links to Common Problems & Questions Previously Asked

Most common topics are covered in ^this^ FAQ thread.

Thank you
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