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Palladium, NGSCA, Broadcast Flags = SIGNS OF THE BEAST!

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  • Palladium, NGSCA, Broadcast Flags = SIGNS OF THE BEAST!

    Are you digging your own grave, America? or you just want to bury the freedom? How can i respect such FASCIST law as DMCA and software patents? Don't you, REPUBLICANS, think that such limitations for fair use and suing children and old people will cause the rest of the world (Russia, China, and Middle East) to grow more quickly because they have much more freedom to copy, to develop and to listen? Do u want to get yourself thrown out of history as USSR was? Remember: INFORMATON WANTS TO BE FREE, because copy expenses are close to zero! This is NOT your old-fashioned industrial world, this is NEW WORLD with NEW LAWS which can't allow such stupidity as DMCA! And your new creation of evil genius, 'broadcast flags', are very similar to what's called in Bible 'the sign of the beast'! Because this sign must be put onto 'right hand' (OUTPUT INTERFACE) and where your eyes are (INPUT INTERFACE) of all electronic devices after such DEVIL'S LAW taken! And nobody will be able to 'buy and sell' devices without this sign, checksum of which will somehow eque 666 (decimal)! STOP THE BEAST NOW - FIGHT THE COPYRIGHT!!! PIRACY FOREVER! IF THIS IS THEFT, I AM A THIEF, AND THIS IS MY MANIFESTO! THE WORLD CENTRE OF FREEDOM IS IN ex-USSR NOW!!! We Will Win!

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    Isn't this the same thing...nevermind.


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      Probably hit the wrong button.


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        Agent 73137
        Your shoe phone is ringing.
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          I remember neko posted tan article about this a while back:
          powered by C₈H₁₀N₄O₂


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            i've been keeping up with palladium news for a while. grr