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US girl commits suicide after cyber bullying

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  • US girl commits suicide after cyber bullying

    A 12-year-old Florida girl who suffered months of ruthless cyberbullying from other girls committed suicide this week, authorities say.

    Now what the fuck is wrong with these parents? First, you have a kid that bases their worth on their Facebook account. Second, computers have off. If this was a problem with my kid, I'd firewall Facebook. Hell, I'd probably firewall Facebook just so I didn't have to clean virus and shit out of machines.

    There is NO SUCH THING as a cyberbully. A Bully is when someone kicks your ass for your lunch money. Kids are mean little shits and a lot of them don't get much better when they grow up. You either learn to roll with the punches or you kill yourself. You can't litigate that away.

    If you've got a kid that's so involved in social network horseshit that they'd kill themselves, WHAT THE FUCK were you doing? Let's blame some 12 year olds... Oh brother..

    Suicide is an extremely violent and angry act. Damn. For a kid to get there, you'd have to figure somebody should have tumbled. Her teachers? The kids that "bullied" her. Her parents?

    If you're gonna train a dog or a kid, where was her social network? A good parent would find good people for her to be around. She wouldn't have time to become an internet junkie who got so depressed she took her own life.

    But let's vomit some liberal crap about tolerance so we don't have to take responsibility for raising our own kids with some dignity.

    Now, go run over their Galaxy S with a car and buy them a big dumb dog.