Attention: Foreign readers. The collapse of the insurance markets in the United States may affect you.

Another delay to Obamacare. Did a year extension really matter?

Look at this President Obama cheerleading nurse.

20% of the current health insurance plans are cancelled or slated to be cancelled. Almost no one has signed up through the exchanges. I'll bet many of them won't and many of them fiscally can't.

You can't force this woman to buy insurance, especially if she doesn't have the money. You can't force the insurance companies to resurrect dead insurance plans at the same prices.

We're all gonna look back on this in a year and laugh huh?

Forbes says 5 million cancellations and 100,000 enrollments so far. Up to 20% of people are gonna get cancelled.

The question is not whether the House will fix this, but whether it can fix this. People have to sign up and they're not. No voting can fix that. I don't care if you're left or right. This thing is built on the sand of whether millions of us just won't go commando on our health insurance for a while and take the fine.

I would not take the bet.