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  • Trey Radel Cocaine

    I was just looking at an article about (R) Trey Radel who got busted for coke. What is misdemeanor cocaine possession? Coke is never a misdemeanor here. 1 year mandatory minimum B felony. You'd probably get 2 years here if they caught you twice.

    Cocaine was never a misdemeanor anywhere I ever lived. Is there some law for politicians I never heard of? A state where hard drugs aren't a felony? Astonishing.

    I think Trey here needed some jail. Especially considering he'd rubber stamp anything that would send other people there.

    Oregon is a little nicer than it used to be, but I know a guy that went down for 1G of heroin in 1984 and got out in 2009. He's clean and really strange to talk to. He's still in 1984. Getting better.

    But jerk off here, the paragon of right wing virtue, paid by the US taxpayer needed more than a drug class, I think his official estimate of what possession of cocaine's penalty should be would be about right. OK, let's not get that mean. He should get out of prison some day.

    Mr. Radel cost Florida taxpayers a bunch of money drug testing food stamp recipients. Florida found out they were largely clean. Twice as clean as the general population. I guess they were testing the wrong folks. Florida was expecting to kick some people off food stamps and save some money. Instead it cost them a quarter million to hassle hungry people.

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    Politicians...and most other wealthy people..are not held under the same standards the rest of us are.

    Take a local case where a man was simply caught driving drunk..and not stinking drunk like two or three times over the legal limit which is 0.08 but who hit 0.082 and spent a year in jail. There was no accident, property damage or injuries involved.

    A female cop who was three times over the legal limit who killed four people and left two more with permanent injuries...spent not a day in jail and was given probation.

    A poor guy hit someone and killed them in a vehicle accident that wasn't really of any fauly of his. He got manslaughter.

    A rich woman hit, ran over and left the scene of an accident which ended up being a fatality with severe damage to her vehicle. To date she also has not spent a single night in jail.

    Money talks...
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