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Another old faithful (Picasa) put to death.

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  • Another old faithful (Picasa) put to death.

    Just read that Google is doing away with Picasa due to it's being redundant to Google pictures. It looks like it's demise will occur in June this year. I'm not happy.

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    The next bad news...

    In the meeting-point Picasa is on the computers yet.

    These were my photo-albums on Picasa...

    I hope, that the other link will still work...
    Note:  This blog post outlines upcoming changes to Google Currents for Workspace users. For information on the previous deprecation of Googl...

    I wanted to work again on my photo-albums and add some more photos, also I wanted to upload the fixed versions of some images, where I had made mistakes in the cuts. In deviantART I have uploaded the fixed versions of these cuts and some more Profile Background Images, and soon I have planned the next uploads. I think, that also 2 album artwork on Google+ are too small, after on my PC I had found the correct sizes in 960x960 pixel. Also in 2015 I made one more album artwork.

    I should go online again in Google+ soon...

    It seems, that offline I will not see my photos anymore. This means, also the other people have to login, if they want to see my photos. I had uploaded very much random textures there, although they have the old filenames and they are incomplete yet. At least I have some desktop wallpapers & Komodo backgrounds on deviantART...
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    Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
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      Picasa - Off line lite at its best

      Picasa has been one of the best off line w/online option programs for years.

      Its like the sole shift is to get everyone's pictures up and on line regardless of the user's wishes.

      Some of us don't like web interfaces, no matter how slick no matter how "lite" on its feet, we have our pictures, our private moments, memories, etc, and we carefully choose to share when we want to upload something. Its not the same thing to put everything up there and then make sharing choices. The biggest of which is share by mistake.

      Second to that, only by lack of control, is the failure of the "online gods" to have nixed every possible bug that ever existed or to ever exist in the sharing and searching algorithms which eventually fault and new bugs appear every day.

      Well I still have Picasa installed, but have zero faith in Google to realize the mistake. So for now I search yet again for another off line tool that doesn't come as some "value add" application (Canon Creative, HP Photo Essentials, you name the crapware) that suck worse than just publicly posting every picture does.


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        Alternatively I have also my photo-albums on Photobucket (yet)...

        Because currently I can use internet only in the meeting-point with a slow internet-connection, mostly I was not able to load Google+ and my photo-albums. I was not able anymore to create new photo-albums, add some more photos and edit my mistakes with the fixed versions of the same images.

        But maybe I can get the .zip-folders with my image-stuff for Winamp and the Milkdrop visualizer online on Mediafire. I have needed already one and a half years for making my sets more and more perfect, with fixed and renamed images for the perfect subsets.

        I know exactly, which photos can be made public and which photos not, which photos look very good and which photos don't look so good, so that I don't have them in my image collections.

        I hope, that we can keep Photobucket and especially deviantART, where the fans of Winamp can find also many Winamp Skins...
        Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
        Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
        AMBIENT... AMBIENT music forever...