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Windows Palladium, the end of privacy as we know it.

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    Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.


    Originally posted by rm'
    I wonder how much of this is fact, interpretation, opinion, and speculation.


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      Originally posted by rm'
      I wonder how much of this is fact, interpretation, opinion, and speculation.
      my guess
      1%combo of interpretation and speculation

      *vice versa possibly, either way neko's post comes as no shocker to me


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        Judging by the sources (The Register, Slashdot, and a hacker), I wouldn't be so conservative in my estimate of anti-Microsoft bias.


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          i was just being pesimistic, if a big company can get it to a nation of idiots like the USA (yes i live there) it will most likely take over. most of the people i know are very used to getting spoonfed.


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            Random Thoughs @ 12:14 AM:

            If you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple as that OR, dare i say buy an iMAC?

            Also who says that you HAVE to purchase a new system, hell i know a bunch of people that still run on sub pentium systems pimpin Windows 3.1.

            Anways anything can be "encrypted/secure" but you know five min after it is released it will be cracked or what not.

            Also what if a person didn't have an internet connection then what the hell are they going to do? nothing, thats what i thought.
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              You know what makes me highly suspect this whole business, and blow it off merely as propoganda (from the notoriously prolinux, antimicrosoft Slashdot, and scaremongering Register)? The self-interests of hardware manufacturers. Remember, we live in a capitalist society: businesses always look for profits, above all else, and in the computing world, a large number of units sold translates directly into profits. That means getting the largest market share possible. OEMs know that the majority of servers in the world run some variant of Unix. Corporate accounts form the largest share of profits... which chip manufacturer in their right mind would develop a chip that can run only one OS? They would risk business on a immense scale; over half of the world server market would be closed to them, completely. OEMs know that not all businesses rely on Windows... heck, I remember IBM once shipped a desktop system that ran a version of Linux. Believers of this insanely improbable, hateful, and severely skewed propaganda are seriously underestimating the intelligence of chip manufacturers.


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                *grabs a gun*
                Ok Im off to Mr. Gates house, anyone wanna follow, be my guest.

                My god, if that is for real, tha tis the most insaina nd illegal thing ever. First off that would creat a monopoly,a nd HOPEFULLY our halfed ass government would stop it.

                Also wee need to kill the DMCA, NOW, befor it fuckes us up the ass b/ of the BS inside it. I feal its clows to our asses now.. we must kill it!

                Or we can ban together and GO to the contenent ofAantartica! and form our own truly free nation! Rid of this Hypocrtitcal, ignorent, currupt government!


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                  Microsoft can't seriously expect to sell anything that's NOT backward-compatible. Bill Gates is a smart man. He knows that just because a customer updates his/her version of Windows doesn't mean that he/she has stopped using all of his/her old documents and programs. The key to any successful computer program is compatiblity. If it won't play nice with what's already on a person's computer, what do you think the person will dump: new program or the other stuff?

                  I personally use Windows 98 and have no problem with it. All of the programs that I could have have need for are compatible with it. Windows ME and Palladium may screw up, but that's okay. I feel no need to upgrade; my fifty dollars can and will be spent elsewhere. (heard "Sim City 4" is about to come out, am very excited)

                  If Palladium comes out with all these bugs that you're describing, it will crash so quickly that everyone will be uploading their old 3.1 and '95 back-up's faster than Microsoft stock can dive. Either that, or lots of people will use it, but it'll be idiots who can't tell a LAN from their ass anyway, and we'll hack onto the Microsoft-controlled internet while they're wondering why their mp3's won't work. Either way, I'm not worried. "1984" would only happen if we all got lazy and let it.

                  Thanks for getting the word out about Palladium. People may be stupid, but I like to have faith in them anyway.


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                    Did you read any of RMs posts?


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                      i did, he said the news may be largely fake due to anti-ms sites spreading the news, and that chip makers arent dumb enough to risk their entire business if the new technology may not catch on.


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                        Im hopping that is fake now, if not. I think M$ then would be killed for becoming a monopoly.


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                          fake? Not realistic?


                          The summary though it may sound extreamist, is quite within the design specs as currently outlined and in work.

                          Both AMD and INTEL are working INDEPENDENTLY with Microsoft on this project. There are currently various levels of implementation scheduled, NOT ONLY PLANNED...

                          The things that have been talked about as a warning here are also what is actively being worked on according to actual TRADE publications in the HARDWARE WORLD... Various engineering publications have had articles about designing to Paladium specifications for example.

                          One thing many chip vendors are upset about is that the first stage was supposed to be in place for a little while... The chips have gone into production already, and now the schedule has been bumped up so the next generation chips will already need to be made and these will then be used in mother boards instead of the already built chips! Vendors are now looking at other lower security devices for these already built chips... Settop boxes for Sat. and other digital TV uses, Internet appliances, cell phones, portable digital music players... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that has the potential for using DIGITAL copyrighted source material is VERY LIKELY going to have the chips built into it for the hardware encryption to GUARANTEE licsencing verification cabability. All of this is from the FIRST STAGE of the Paladium movement.

                          Remember I said the first generation chips WILL NOT go into the computers as they had originally been built for...

                          Paladium has advanced quicker than it had originally been thought of as feasable. In the future, the more advanced hardware chips will probably replace the 1st generation chips which will be used in the NON-COMPUTER applications. Economics dictate it is cheaper to produce LARGE quantities of one type of chips than smaller quantities of TWO types of chips. It will be thus cheaper to put the more advanced Paladium chips in the cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, DVD players, etc... in the future after the first generation device's supply is exhausted.

                          So... just briefly... NO... it is very possible all the bad sounding things can happen in the name of computer and internet security. And MUCH MORE will happen because the technology will then be there to make it easy to do.

                          Hope you all have your CD and DVD burners already too!


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                            Yes, but claims like the ability to delete documents Microsoft don't agree with remotely? What is this based on? A handful of press conferences and one technology demonstration? I don't give it much weight.

                            If AMD, Intel and other major chip manufacturers already have Palladium in production, I doubt it's quite as devious as Neko's reports put it. The ability to block pirated files from executing may have gotten everyone ducking for cover, but that is something not nearly illegal.


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                              There's always ur friendly neighborhood hacker one step behind the big business, they'll find ways to get around it and hopefully not get locked up.


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                                I think that too many people are blowing this out of proportion.