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Windows Palladium, the end of privacy as we know it.

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    damn straight biznatch
    the US courts and congress (the republican court) would be in a majority favor of this because it protects mpaa riaa dmca copyright bull shit. however most consumers wouldn't buy it. think about copyright schemes in the past like sony's memory stick mp3 player. you had to convert your mp3's into attrack format to put on the player for copyright protection and no one bought it. well a few did but it sold VERY poorly

    the internet is not run by microsoft. like others said. its unix based. this basically splits the internet and no one will stand for that. the backlash will make microsoft rethink its methods. just like the backlash that IE6 got that forced microsoft to remove the purple links it put inside html pages linking to microsoft services and altering the documents authors true intentions. a truely evil use for XML.

    conclusion: this idea will fail. past schemes faild both microsoft and other copyright holding giants. microsoft is just wasting money on R&D like it always does. What wont probably fail will be the new entertainement TV PC idea (the other part of the next windows) but Pladium will fail.
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      Re: so what?

      Originally posted by andyr0ck
      so what? don't buy it, then. i know i won't be. if i had to, i would keep using the system i have that doesn't have that crap as a part of it. i would also keep using an old OS, or one that didn't incorporate such rubbish. there is always a choice. people don't need a 3 Ghz P4 but they still buy them. something like this may put a price on older tech; older CPU's and motherboards.

      i think people vastly underestimate their power to make a difference simply by refusing to buy sh1t and it's time we woke up to that fact before we lose that power. similar to voting, i suppose.
      Perhaps, but the situation is a little more complicated than that. How long do you really expect that machine to last? Potential compatibility hurdles aside, hardware has a limited useful life before it eventually breaks down and dies. In many cases, you're looking at five years, if that, before a component throws in the towel. Computer components are just not designed for the long haul, because technology moves so fast that manufacturers EXPECT people to upgrade. Like it or not, your PC will eventually break. Let's just hope you can still get pre-palladium hardware replacements for a long time.


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        My Letter to Microsoft

        Hello peoples.. I took initiative a wrote a letter to Microsoft.. I strongly urge all you guys who are worried to do the same and write somthing like mine. If they see that ALOT of their customers may be gone then they might take action and change pallidium/stop pallidium. Here it is.. thanx (:

        To who it may concern,

        Pallidium <--Go there
        You guys BETTER not implement this feature. This will screw the world over as we know it.. HA! what a gay way to take the market. Don't you guys have enough money already!? What are you guys thinking!? I will have no part in you guys' stupid pallidium network if this is how it is going to turn out! You will LOOSE alot of your customers if you go this route, but gain... actually, you have hardly anything to gain. JUST DROP THE IDEA, or change it! I always knew you guys were going to go this route. Well I am going to covert as many people as I can to Linux to lose your guys' business until you guys e-mail me back telling me exactly what is happening with pallidium or until I am satisfied with how pallidium will HELP! You guys say one person can't make a difference, well that is true to some extent, but if I convert 100 people to linux (I can probably do more and that is not including converting businesses' etc..) then that is 100 less customers for you guys --- lost forevor. I thought before I found out about pallidium that you guys were a respectable company that was trying to offer a good product to the community. Well I guess I am wrong.. unless I hear otherwise from you guys. That is really nasty what it appears that you guys are doing. Whatever.. email me back if you don't want me to go on my linux-converting rampage.. (the reason I know it will work is because I will provide all of the support they need) Man.. I was even a customer of yours and still am atm... I dual boot. I pay for your software, so why don't you guys make it fair for everyone and throw away or change the idea of pallidium.



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          yo wes get me some sort of address to microsoft. whether it be snailmail fax or email. i wanna send a letter.
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            I Sent em an e-mail.

            It went something like this: "Just heard about palladium. Switching to Linux. Thank you and Good night".

            I've found that a vast amount of information is available about Linux. has an online course you can take, and I was able to download PDF and HTML versions of several Linux manuals from Kaazaa, including a package of 12 books bundled together. features great forums where I posted a question and received my first reply within minutes.

            I was originally considering installing Linux on my older, second-string machine. Then I was considering a dual install, but now I'm thinking: why bother? According to my new friends at, I can do anything I'm currently doing with windows with Mandrake Linux, most of it for free, so why not just switch? There's even a Windows emulator program called Wine, so you can run Windows programs.

            Okay, so lets add this up: in the plus column, linux is faster and more stable, it's free, it keeps improving, and if I ever get much smarter about computers than I am now, I can alter the code any way I like, it's more resistant to viruses, and it can even run Windows programs. The only plus I can think of for Windows is that it's what's already on my computer.


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              Well people wont be able to connect to IIS server now. What a shame, there are like SOooooo many of them about .

              1) It's counter productive for ms to do this like rm' said.
              2) The people who host servers aren't stupid. I think most web servers use Sun machines running Solaris and either Apache or the Sun webserver software.
              3) I want one of the 'Enchalada' machines when they're released.
              4) AMD and Intel aren't the only chip manufactures in the world and neither are big players in the mobile market, that crown falls to ARM. Who admitadly only design chips. UltraSPARC IIi anyone?
              5) People who run around with their hands waving and panicing about this kind of thing are silly and haven't thought too much about the practicalities of such a scheme.

              /me Admits his bias towards Sun.
              "We think science is interesting and if you disagree, you can fuck off."


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                just go to
                then go to contact and then under software development suggestion things... they have a built in e-mail thingo. (:
                thanx dude


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                  allright im writing a letter now in Microsoft Word 2000

                  dual booting linux is the best option for beginners. if it doesnt go as planned you still have windows. since windows is standard if you find a program you want to run only in windows youve got windows

                  wine isnt as stable as procalmed. it will run ms office pretty well and other windows aps but preformance is lost greatly. dual booting gives you the best of both worlds. compatibility when needed and cutting edge development, speed, and preformance
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                    I just went to that site, and formt he first few paragraphs i read, it controdicts everthing that is said in the first post.


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                      Originally posted by laz9999

                      I just went to that site, and formt he first few paragraphs i read, it controdicts everthing that is said in the first post.
                      Only naturally. They wouldn't list such things; they are not that stupid. On the other hand, given what everyone is saying about anti-Microsoft SlashDot, who knows.

                      I really don't know who to believe though. It's key to remember that what you read at Microsoft can be interpreted in many ways, as at SlashDot, so people will have differing opinions on it. We need more evidence to validate what it really means.
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                        Originally posted by Signal Box
                        We need more evidence to validate what it really means.
                        dont expect it till it gets releases


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                          Every time Microsoft talks about releasing a new OS there is this type of conversation. "They want to take over the WOOORLD!" The horror! Bill Gates and his OS of Spooky Doooom!

                          Come on. We're dealing with very intelligent people here. Regardless of what your opinion of the product is (*cough*linux*cough*) Bill Gates is an extremely intelligent man. AMD has *finally* become respectable. Intel is sitting pretty right now. All of them are doing very good at this moment in time. Do you really think they're going to alienate potential income by proposing these types of changes? Granted I can see Microsoft stamping out Word clones and loving it, but as far as saying "You can only access *this* server if you use *this* OS". I don't buy it.


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                            scary as hell

                            We are going to have to take action against this NOW. If we all work together and send letters to AMD and Intel and as many places as possible, we can beat this. Microsoft needs to be shut down NOW. Replys with any ideas or anything will be helpful. We dont now if its this serious. But lets be safe. Something like this is dangerous. Its a hazard to our personal rights.


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                              paranoia. plain and simple. histeria. i dont see chip makers making a move toward pladdium. if someone else can update me on this please do so.

                              i didnt hear world domination about windows 3.1 95 or 98

                              fredowl = windude on linux?
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