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  • Games: Old or New

    So, computer games. Which do you prefer? Am i the only one sick of seeing the classics such as contra ruined in 3d with "great graphics".

    Am i the only one sick of seeing crappy reproductions of the same game with different characters or shooting games with the same kind of enemy all the way through and dull dull levels?

    What are your personal favroute games? Mine are:
    Mario 64
    Legend of zelda: Ocarina of time
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 3
    Contra 3: alien wars
    Streets of rage (i know it's short but the game still ruled)
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater (yes the first one. So sue me)
    Grand theft auto: vice city
    2 player 007 for the n64
    Psycho pinball (the oldest of the lot but so addictive it's unreal)

    My personal opinion is that games developers don't have any ideas anymore so they have to keep raping the classics until they're officially dead.

    Whats your opinion on anything to do with games?

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    For games...
    sometimes I play in arcade.
    I like more the computer ones.
    Like simulators....
    Old ones because they don't need a lot
    of your system.
    Sometimes I play DOS games because they are rapid.
    Solitaries are cool too.

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    * Laptop: Intel Core 2 DUO T6600 @ 2.20 GHz with 4 GB RAM: Archlinux-x86-64 with MATE.


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      Well, if you ask me, new games seem to lack 2 real things, difficulty and longtivity. For instance lets say Final fantasy games, FF6 was long and chalengeing fun expirence overall. As for FF10...sure it looked nice, but most average video game nerds such as i were trough with it in a week, and thats after the extras. probably the only game genre that trancended into nextgen platforms very well were, fighting games. And thats casue its the same thing over and over all the time(still done well i may add). whew. this is running long. So in short newer the game, better the graphics, are not as fufilling as the old days of snes.

      now as for my favorite games, those go like this:
      Final fantasy 6
      Chrono trigger
      soul caliber
      GTA: vice city
      super metroid(or any metroid for that matter)
      and finish the list off with
      Lunar 2 eternal blue for the sega CD (i think im one of the few left that remember that ill fated console)


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        GTA: vice city
        The Sims
        The Ledgend of Zelda: A link to the past (kill the chickens!! )


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          New games lack fun and originality. They're getting too realistic. I mean if i wanted realism i wouldn'nt be playing a game now would I. Running around for hours looking for save points and bullets. pffbt, no thankyou. I blame tomb raider. Thats what started it. I hate those games. for one thing they released last revelation and then didn't have any ideas so blew their load on "chronicles". I'll stick to my mega drive roms, snes roms and n64 thank you.


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            I really like the game alchmey on yahoo. i started playing it and now i'm hooked.
            Yes my spelling sucks, I know that and it can't be changed


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              zelda (any of em especially the very first one on nes)
              Metroid (same as above)
              Final Fantasy I - VII (i havnt played the newer ones) (again same as above)
              Resident Evil 2
              Contra for nes
              Tekken 3

              ummm thats about all i can think of for the moment


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                Games have certainly taken a down-turn in the last few years... with some exceptions, of course. The GTA series has become an unstoppable force, and I can't wait to play Vice City when it comes out for PC in a couple weeks time. Also, Max Payne rocks the party, and Splinter Cell and Hitman 2 were fun as well.

                Other than that, I still have more fun rocking the NES or SNES, or playing Ninja Turtles arcade on my MAME emulator. Side scrolling fighters/shooters were the sweetest games. Occasionally, game companies will spit out a real gem of a 3D game, but sometimes you just wonder why they ever went 3D and why it isn't 1993 anymore.

                Final Fantasy rules all, by the way. 1-7 have got to be some of the best games ever. The series went to crap with 8, and beyond.


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                  'nuff said, feel free to lock the thread now

                  ::Deviant Stats::Folding @ Home


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                    Nintendo have done the most excellent 2d to 3d game ever with mario 64. No question. I think part of the good about it is that if you can't so some of it you can go do a different bit. Much much better playability.

                    Zelda is a close second. Majoras mask was a bit of a letdown but ocarina of time is one of my all time favroutes. 50 times better than hitman 2. I cleared hitman 2 in one night, first go. Thats pathetic. ocarina of time took me about 2/3 months and about 4 months to get everything on the game. Thats everything. Bottles big poes. The lot. Sad i know but it was about a year ago so no one cares.

                    Contra 3 alien wars. None of this arsing about with pissy guns at the start, you start with a maching gun with infinite bullets. I love that game. NEWSFLASH FOR GAMES COMPANIES: we don't mind if the notion of infinite bullets is a bit ludicrous, as long as we get to shoot at big interesting things constantly we don't mind.
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                      sorry raz but its all about THPS2 PC or THPS2x (just don't like x-boat controller)


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                        THPS2X (with the S controller )
                        Motocross Madness 1&2 (these are the greatest dirtbike games EVER!)
                        Mario 64
                        TimeCrisis 2
                        Pointblank 1&2
                        Night of the Living Dead 2 (I love me shooting games )
                        All the old Contra's were great
                        Mortal Kombat (all before the crappy 3d ones)
                        Virtual Tennis 2k2 (lol that game is addicting)


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                          When Half-Life 2 comes out, all you "repeats suck" whiners are gonna have to shoot yourselves. HL2 is going to defeat Doom3 in every which way.


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                            um Mr. Baggins? i believe you missed the point. As fun as FPS games can be they are all the same, run trough hall and kick an aleins ass with a gun. the only diffrnece is better graphics. As what were are saying. What makes HL2 or Doom 3 for that matter so innovative?ive played quake 2 and the only real diffrences are the way better graphics. your theory seems to be that we have a 2-D sprite of a muls's ass and a doom 3-d model of the same ass, sure it looks more "real" but if you think about it, its the same ass. All that were trying to say is that the innovation of games is gone. not good graphics = bad game. So unless that was some sort of Half life 2 advertisment. i dont think that post has anything to do with anything.


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                              I never said that good graphics equals bad game. What i said was that when game developers go all out on graphics they most of the time lack in the gameplay department. Take FF8 for example. That game was boring. No contest to FF7, one i forgot to add to my list of all time favroute games. GTA has definately not lacked in the gameplay area and is one of the very few new games i love. The rest are reproductions with missing features or just crappy ideas not even developed past the first drawings.