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  • "Shock of a lifetime" games

    Are there any games that left you so amazed or provided such intense feelings that they changed your idea of gaming forever ?
    Mine would be Final Fantasy 7 on the Playsation 1 : first RPG I ever played, bought it only because of the huge hype around it and wow, I was sucked into it like no other game did before. All subsequent FFs had me glued to the seat, but this one, being the first, keeps a special place.

    What are your "shock of a lifetime" games ?

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    I'm with you on FF7 'seer, I'd played games for years before this, and read the hype in the paper, and when it came out, right from the massive into it just blew me away totaly, the depth of the game, the side quests, you just got totaly sucked into it, who didn't have a twinge of sadness when Aeries slipped under the water ?

    Nothing I don't think has come close RPG wise since then, 8, 9 and 10 were all something of an anti-climax compared to it, I just wish the rumours of a follow up to FF7 were true, and I also wish Square would get back into bed with Nintendo and do something for the GBA, it'd be great to have portable FF7 or something....

    While we are speaking of RPG's, Golden Sun on the GBA made me go "ooooh", that was my first taste of GBA games at all, and the fact that it was such a massive RPG, with amazing graphics, sound and gameplay, all squeezed into 16mb just made it even more amazing


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      Spoilers (highlight to read)
      And the very last image, when you see Aeris smiling...It's just fantastic, and even the intro when she walks into the town, carrying her basket full of roses... And the track "Flowers Blooming in the church" that plays when Cloud and Aeris meet in the church in Sector 7...

      I found FF8 absolutely awesome, although many people hated it. 9 was ok, 10 excellent. Can't wait for the 12th episode


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        I found 8 also to have the makings of greatness, I think the problem was,people cared about cloud, barret and the like, no one gave a shit about, damd, I've even forgotten his name, the moody lead character of 8, he was just what everyone hates, an angst ridden teenager heh.

        9 was, ummm, I dunno what it was with 9, again perfectly ok, just didn't inspire me.

        10 was I agree, excellent, breathtaking in some areas, a technical wonder, but I felt the story ran on rails a little too much, too linear.

        12?, what happend to 11?, and what of FFX II that I keep hearing about, or is that 11?

        My next FF purchase will be Final Fantasy Tactics on the GBA, there is hope after all that we might see some original Sqauare material on the hand held.


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          Squall was the lead character in FF8, lots of people hated him, I thought he kicked serious ass (LionHeart anyone ? )and his love story with Rinoa moved me deply.

          11 is an online episode, not sure if it'll even make it to Europe.
          FF12 is almost completed from what I heard


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            Sqaull, ahh yes, I remember now.

            I'd heard of the online version, didn't realise it was part 11, what of FFX part 2 tho, you seen anything on that.

            /perhaps we should rename the thread "Final Fantasy chatter"


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              Originally posted by Mr Jones
              Sqaull, ahh yes, I remember now.

              I'd heard of the online version, didn't realise it was part 11, what of FFX part 2 tho, you seen anything on that.

              /perhaps we should rename the thread "Final Fantasy chatter"
              FFX-2 has been released in Japan, it's a tremendous hit and hopefully we europeans should get it by the end of this year of beginning of 2004


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                Excellent, books time in diary now ......, still would love FF7 part 2.....

                Anyhowwwwwwwwwwwww, getting marginally back on track with the original content of this thread.

                Wipeout on the PS1 was a bit of a jaw dropper, coming from 16 bit consoles, to this was like a massive quantum leap, the speed was mind boggling at the time, and for a racer offered a unique play angle, I've never touched another racer since, Wipeout was an eye opener, Wipeout 2097 a year later was an even bigger eye opener, a year or so later and Wip3out just made me melt into the floor it was that fast, Jedi reflexes needed to keep up.

                Imagine how I felt when I got my hands on Wipeout Fusion on the PS2.

                So I guess you could say, Wipeout changed my view of racing games to the point where I excluded everything else and just went for the pure adrenaline speed rush of the Wipeout series


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                  Good game!


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                    I agree on FF7, but also on FFX, having voice actors for the characters was really cool. Looking forward to FFX-2.

                    Another game that really blew me away was Ico for PS2, it is just a really beautiful game.

                    Resident Evil was also amazing when it came out, seriously creepy, freaked my friends and I out many a night as we sat in the dark and played it, hehe.
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                      Space Quest (IV) & Chrono Trigger.

                      then maybe:
                      LoZ:Link's Awakening; Myst; Quest for Glory; FFVII; Resident Evil DC & RE2.

                      [edit] FF7 has bugged me since I played it, 'coz after Aeris, well, you know, you can return to the church. When you do so, there is an image of her that flickers and then disappears - ONCE. However, if you run in and make it up to her before she disappears she doesn't disappear. You just can't do anything with her. I've always wanted to know if this was a bug or the result of a faulty memcard or something far greater.

                      Now you're all gonna call me a liar, and I can't even disprove you, as I can't find my PS1 mem cards. [/edit]
                      ...a blatant person.


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                        There was some rumor going around at the time on various newsnet groups that you were supposed to bring Aeries back to life as a side quest in the game, which linked to the ghost image thingy, it was rumoured that it was dropped from the final game for whatever reason, it was also backed up with claims that there were unused music/graphics on the CD's that you could access if you knew how.

                        This is all some time ago, so don't shoot me for inacuracies...


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                          Thanks Jonesy. At least I'm not insane by default.
                          ...a blatant person.


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                            FFVII, RE2 and MGS

                            particularly MGS. the first time I played it was on a demo disc from PSM, I was stunned by the amount of detail and sophistication in the game. It left me thinking - 'didnt know my PS could do that!' and 'why arent there more games as good as this?'


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                              ..gonna have to get this ffVII now, I heard it was cool, but have never played. Seer, your spoilers mean nothing to me.
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