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The Official "What's your game of the moment thread" ?

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  • The Official "What's your game of the moment thread" ?

    Can't remember if this has been done before but anyway, let's make it official.

    So what games are you playing ? Specify the game, platform it runs on and genre (or what it's about).

    Me : Onimusha 2, PS2, Action game.

    I've finally dropped MOH (too sick of the controls, they were driving me nuts) so I started Onimusha 2. Good so far but very similar to the first and suffering from the "Boss from Capcom Games" syndrom (ie boss comes back three or four times in the game). Apart from that, slashing demons is cool

    Your turn

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    Rebel Strike - Rogue Squadron III on the Cube, console games a bit quiet at the minute, so revisiting one of my old faves.

    Fire Emblem on the GBA, challenging turn based strategy game, level 27, driving me farking nuts...


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      Vice City, and Armada II.
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        I know lots of people would do this, but the game that I am playing the most right now is ...

        Doom 3, PC, First Person Shooter

        I know, I know, but the game is addictive, and I enjoy it. I know that HL2 (when released) will rock, but it is good to have one of the most anticipated games of the year (possibly of All time, for me) in one's hands and playable. I understand that it feels repetitive, but it is very innovative and is an actual game, deviating from the id "Game as a Tech Demo" game. The in-game cinematics look awesome and I can see that lots of people will be using that engine for movies like Red vs. Blue and the like.

        OR, I am playing:

        Painkiller, PC, First Person Shooter

        This game is alot of fun and is just beautiful too. The High polys of the monsters, bosses and levels don't lag my system and I am able to play the game with no problem (unlike FarCrap, which had a massive problem running on this machine).

        Ok, I'm done.


        Yeah, that's pretty much it. :-\


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          Thief 3 (xbox), Super Smash Brothers Melee
          eric is awesome


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            Counter-Strike,PC,FPS I guess, I can't wait for HL2 and the beta test for CS:Source to come out.
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              Flashback and Prince of Persia (original). Yep, i'm currently going through a retro phase


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                I'm not playing that often right now, but when I play it'll currently be Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project (PC), an action-third-person-shoot-em-up-jump-and-run type of game.
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                  NBA Street, Volume 2, Gamecube, arcade-type basketball. Got this last month as a birthday present (probably because it was a cheap game). There is just something strangely addictive about it. Brings back fond memories of the original NBA Jam, although it is a bit different.


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                    Rise of Nations, PC.

                    I have successfully defended the world against the Communist Threat and led Alexander to victory.


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                      Lets see...
                      Warcraft 3,PC,RTS(i guess): I've been playing it constantly lately.
                      Darn, I can't think of anything to put here.


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                        Like CaptNuss, I'm not playing a lot at the moment. Too busy with work and the like to get much game time in right now. But when I am playing, it's:

                        Metroid Prime - GameCube - First Person Action Adventure

                        Of course, I'll find myself playing SSBM or NFS-HP2 sometimes, but Metroid Prime is still my favorite game to date. I'm seriously anticipating Echoes, too. And on the trusty GBAsp, I'm wearing out Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission again.


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                          interesting thing about metroid prime. my girlfriend got me a gamecube and a wavebird controller for my birthday a while back, at electronics boutique. it came with metroid prime and a Link t-shirt for free. i mulled over it, and with her consent, i decided to trade it in for a new xbox. so i headed to electronics boutique and exchanged the gamecube and wavebird for an xbox (sorry, sarge). apparently though, i get to keep the metroid prime game and the zelda t-shirt. awesome.
                          eric is awesome


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                            Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots

                            Originally posted by Bilbo Baggins

                            I have successfully defended the world against the Communist Threat and...
                            I got into a thermonuclear war trying to do that.


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                              Posted by Namelessv1
                              I got into a thermonuclear war trying to do that.
                              <digitized voice>Do you want to play a game?</digitized voice>

                              Yeah, that's pretty much it. :-\