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What's my next Wii game?

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  • What's my next Wii game?

    So far I have Mario Kart, Metroid 3 , Ghost Squad, Nerf N-strike.....

    I'm just getting started with a new toy. Next?

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    I've never played a Wii, but I've heard that Okami, SSB: Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Wii Play, and World of Goo are all must-haves.
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      If you were a fan of the NES, Punch-Out!!! is a must.

      I have it, great remake of the game. They character's telltale signs are different, so it is not the game ported from the NES.

      However, the reviews are correct, if you really want to play the game, you need to drop the motion sensing and play it old skool.
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        How is the N-strike game? I was sold on the controller/gun hybrid, but my interest wore off well before the game came out.

        I can vouch for all the games Psythik listed except for Wii Play, which was kind of worthless. Mario Galaxy and Zelda especially are certainly top-tier if you like video games.

        As for something for me to recommend that others might not think of, I'd say Zack & Wiki is worth your time if you're looking for something unique to the Wii system. Similarly, LostWinds (a WiiWare game) is another one that feels like a great exploration of the Wii's possibilities.

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          i think monster hunter 3 will be a good wii game..not sure if its already out though..


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            Dont you think that all of those Super Mario games are too boring.. I have been playing SM for ages and now im getting sick just of hearing his name

            next wii game probably the new Tony Hawk


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              Smash Brothers FTW.

              Still as addictive and playable months after I bought it..


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                I don't really like the new Smash Bros. I feel they took the game a strange direction with it (And the graphic styling isn't to my taste in some way)
                The N64 is the best IMO.

                Apparently The conduit is quite a good shooter.

                Madworld is apparently an 18, but you'd need to be like 14 to actually enjoy the repetitive killing of the same few enemy models for hours on end in a black and white game with lots of blood.

                Wii sports resort is quite fun, like Wii sports was/is, finally the wiimote acts like it should of always - the constant recalibrating you need to do is very annoying though.


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                  Originally posted by LuigiHann
                  How is the N-strike game?
                  I like it. It's a shooting gallery on steroids. It's good with guests because it's fast and competitive. One thing I do like about the wii and wii sports is they are fun to play with a group. N-strike fits.


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                    I say the new Punchout.

                    I hope its as good as the old one... impossible though.
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                      has anyone ever beat Super Metroid??

                      i had a dream that they were going to make a metroid movie..


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                        Yeah, It took a while. Good game.