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    I'm not too big a fan of the technic pack. Though that is only because I tried it and just found it too complex.. I don't know it just wasn't fun for me.

    I'm just waiting for my plugins to be updated for 1.3.1 so that I can update my server... Enderchests and villager trading for the win.

    I've also been curious about writing my own plugins though I don't think I'll ever jump into it, I've always wanted the ability to "hire" villages to do simple tasks like manage my farms and work my multiple strip mines.
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      gonna be a hell of a wait for 1.3.1 mike, mainly since most mods are skipping that to be directly compatible with 1.3.2.

      as for technic/tekkit vs vanilla, eh, it's been years since vanilla held much of an interest for me, been there, seen that, a few hundred times over, just really nothing left to do in vanilla for me is all, if not for mods i'd have stopped caring a long time ago and now vanilla just seems to simplistic.

      here's whats left of my crafting wall, amazing what a single misclick with a destruction catalyst can do isn't it? both sides of the wall used to be included in the crafting wall for logistics pipe + a glass ceiling over top.

      and this would be the innards of my auto smelting/sorting/storage system, there's a chest just out of the shot to the right that acts as the input, the rest are the sorting output, you can also see where i tried and failed to setup a forestry carpenter to auto-crate things for more compact storage.

      and here's a hopefully even better look at the breadth of my storage system, you can see i've got storage blocks for most metal included in the crafting pipes logistics system from screenshot number 1, diamonds are like pennies in this world and i haven't been transmuting stuff with equivalent exchange either, i do have a gem of eternal density which compresses your inventory though so a good mining haul is measured in dark matter, i think i bring back about 4 per trip if i try, plus a ton of other metals.

      [edit] there's no way to allow the images to collapse then i guess? oh well fuck it, frames be damned, broke ye shall stay [/edit]
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        Fuck you and your frame breaking!

        Nice setup, that sounds interesting indeed...

        What are those greenish torches? A new type of redstone?? Greenstone?
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          they're called interdiction torches, they cost a diamond or two each to craft but they actually physically propel mobs inside of their light radius away, that's why the base is open air with no doors yet completely safe at the same time.

          the round things on the walls are teleporters from thaumcraft, the ones on the floor heal you.

          that world isn't quite legit though if i'm honest, i cheated myself a destruction catalyst right off the bat with NEI.

          here's the torch recipe so you can see how much they cost, the thing in the center (an EE item called the philosopher's stone) isn't consumed.

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            Holy cow those are expensive torches... But with what they do they sound well worth it. I might jump into mods someday, but for now I'm happy with my simple game mechanic server plugins.

            Lapis teleporters for the win... Requires 8 lapis blocks a wood door and a chest. Put the chest on top stack the lapis in a manner so that you have an enclosed 2x1 space throw the door on the front, make another, and put one of the same item in the chests of each teleporter and bam you have your self instant teleportation...
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              I prefer Terraria, more clear objectives, progression system and the music, damn the music is so simple yet awesome. I call it Simsome.
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              Probably both...


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                I often play it 2 hours on day. Minecraft enjoy it?