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  • Suggestions needed

    I'm sitting with a Dell dimension 3100, it's LOW-END.
    I'm looking for a low-end MMO... Yes, MMO. Something that has alrightish gameplay and a great PvP system (better than alrightish fine too I guess) something that I can play casually on my downtime...

    I'm hoping someone here might have some suggestions... Oh yeah, the budget I have can no longer afford to pay a monthly fee... So that hinders the search a bit.

    Any help would be sweet.
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    Minecraft? There are a lot of games that thing would play, but multiplayer is hard because no game servers for obsolete games.

    It could probably do Openarena if you like FPS games. Diablo is a GG.


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      It can run minecraft but it's limited, I actually have to turn of direct draw 3d and direct accelerators in order to make it work.. Even then it's running at 15 FPS in tunnels, and about 8 FPS outside.... I hate loading so many chunks, almost wish I could have to option to load smaller maps.
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        Have you thought about scrounging ebay for some legacy games? Diablo or Quake or the like?


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          Current list of games:
          Complete Warcraft Collection
          Diablo I & II
          Complete Quake Collection (minus Quake 4, wish it released for PS3)
          Complete Doom Collection (Can run 3 if I wish to lag my way through nightmare... I always play nightmare, only way anyone should play)
          Most Final Fantasy games.

          Right now I'm actually working on the Metal Gear solid collection, which I do not have a complete set for... But some day! Had to dig up my PS1 and everything!

          That's where I sit.
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            I have a pretty wimpy laptop. Not as wimpy as your machine, but close. I'm interested in legacy games too. It sounds like we have most of the same ones. The cut off is about Quake 4 for my laptop. It pretty much dogs.

            Still, we must have missed something fun 5 years ago... but maybe not

            I really liked the original Warcraft better than the weirdness (and $$$$) Warcraft became. You just aren't gonna get me for a monthly fee to play a video game.

            I'll pop $50-$80 bucks for a video game, but you aren't gonna get $200 a year. That's just silly.

            Openarena has some active servers. That's half way decent jokes.


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              I was never a fan of openarena.

              I've been looking into some decent PC games but it's getting hard.

              There are games I'd love to play, like fallout tactics, on top of 1 & 2 but last time I tried I couldn't get a grasp on it. I was just so impatient on getting down to just mecilessly killing people that I died and basically rage quit.

              I'll only pay a monthly fee if I know for a fact that the game is going to be worth it... WoW was there at one point, than well it went down hill.
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                I don't like monthly bills for anything if I can avoid it. Like... I went and bought Starcraft II for $60, but I won't pay $20 and a monthly fee.