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  • garetjax
    FVector NewLocation = GetActorLocation();
    float DeltaHeight = (FMath::Sin(RunningTime + DeltaTime) - FMath::Sin(RunningTime));
    NewLocation.Z += DeltaHeight * 20.0f; //Scale our height by a factor of 20
    RunningTime += DeltaTime;

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  • mike-db
    started a topic So I'm making a game

    So I'm making a game

    It's nothing special. I barely have any clue on what I'm doing. Thankfully though I have a good enough understanding of programming in general that I can *kind of* decipher in my own way how that shit works.

    Still dunno what the fuck a "variable" is. All I know is that it either comes after or before a class... I think...


    Anyways I'm using Unity 5 as my game dev software.

    My game is also, 2D. No way in hell am I taking on modeling and textures as well. Too much at one time.

    Speaking of graphics I tried making my own, it's not that I can't (or so I would hope so I made numerous skins and other shit for too long to not be confident with graphics) but graphics take time.

    Last time I tried to make a game I got all caught up in making the sprites and textures that I ended up getting mad tried to rush the graphics and put it down because I was getting no where.

    New approach. Use someone elses free graphics until it's time for graphics. :P

    Okay I lied, I made a pixelated suit of armour for fun, but I also made my "character" which is a white circle with a red arrow on one side. Then I went to work on making that damned white circle move to my will.

    I succeeded. Something so simple brought me such a great amount of joy it's stupid. This marked the farthest I've ever gotten with making a video game. Felt so much like the first skin I made.

    Anyways, after that I decided to work on a small map for development purposes. So I went looking for a "tile set" which is an image file that has multiple images on it which can be used to form buildings, terrain, trees, animations, etc, very similar to classic skinning.

    I found this tile set at a website that is full of free 2D art for games and what have you. I wanted something that I could make a tiny map out of to test collision out next. (Essentially I needed to make the walls in my "dev house" solid so that the white ball doesn't just float over them.)

    This is the end result of my tile mapping plus my suit of armor. (My first time really experimenting with pixel art, gotta say it's fun I can see why luigihann was such a fan)

    Anyways, collisions. After I discovered how to make it happen I came across a new problem, my white ball was gone! Turns out it was just underneath the dev house because of some thing called "layered textures" didn't bother to learn about that till that very moment of course.

    After I fixed that silly issue I went on to tackle a task I figured was going to be a pain in the ass which was rotation of the white ball it's supposed to rotate in the direction of the mouse (hence the arrow) and a task it was! Turns out that Unity just very recently released Unity 5 so all the tutorials I've been reading and all the code I've been using is now obsolete. So it took a time to figure out why this wasn't working. Turns out I can use the obsolete code but Unity bitches like a child with a tooth ache about it.

    After a good amount of digging through the very diverse Unity documentation and forums, learning center, youtube, and other parts of the web I was able to piece together a script that would rotate the character. (Took around eight hours to get it) but that came with problems as well.

    For some odd reason the arrow doesn't point to the mouse, it will rotate in the direction that I move the mouse just not in the fashion I wanted.

    Back to the drawing board, found a script from years ago that is quite bulky and over the top but it got the job done, kind of. (Sometimes the ball looses track of the mouse) but it's good! So now I have a way to aim the character, move forward, back, strafe left, and strafe right, I also can't walk through walls anymore which is good. (Still looks weird if you keep trying though, but I think that can be solved through animation.

    My next goal now is sprinting and interaction. Sprinting is pretty self explanitory, interaction is pretty much. "walk up to chest, *click* chest opens, *click* chest closes" that's all I want for now and I think I can do it. The plan is to work on this game until I'm so lost that I need to put it down and take on other projects to learn how to finish it lol.

    And that has been my past 36 hours. I would sleep but it's 8:00 AM and I've got chests to run to and open god damnit!

    EDIT/ For those interested Download 6.79MB like I said it's nothing special but if you want to see what I've struggled to create by all means check it out.

    EDIT// On another note, Unity is supposed to be an easy toolkit that can be used by all to make games with a 'AAA' feel (Because first and foremost, Unity is a 3D game engine, 2D didn't come till later) it's now one of the largest used platforms for indie game developments and truely has become a staple in the industry.

    If Unity is easy to use, it makes me wonder what Unreal is like (which was recently made available for free to the public) most of you have seen Unreal in action if you have ever played a game that is. One of the top dogs in the industry, I don't even want to know what kind of hell you have to go through to get something going in that.