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  • #winamp launch =)

    I'm pretty sure some of you have heard of #*******, for a while now its been up and running, it's been going on for almost 3 years now. But now that channel has strayed far far away from the Winamp Forums scene. The "founder" is an ex-mod of these forums, some of you may know him, some may not, but now he's taking it upon himself to literally throw out some of the longstanding and better members of that chatroom, along with that he clearly does not give a shit about the forums and its members, along with about 2 or 3 other ex-winamp forums members flaming other members and making them feel not welcome, is that what a winamp forums-related channel should be about?

    I didnt think so either.

    So, for that reason Me and a few other members went off and created a new channel, for you, the members of the winamp forums.

    For now, the channel will reside on ****, until we find a new home for the channel. Regular respectable members of ******* that still care about the forums are welcome, as well as any newcomers, and thats the way its supposed to be.

    So, this is a formal invitation for you, the Winamp Forums regulars, to come join us in #winamp.

    #winamp (Mirc)

    #winamp (Java)

    or if you use another IRC client just point it to irc.****.org and join #winamp

    hope to see you there

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      Awww look, underneath all the smilie spams, there's an intelligent little bizz ;P.

      Props to the 'few' of ya...I was almost going through IRC withdrawal. And hey, another incentive for you #*******ters is: the one and only incubus_chick is making #winamp her new territory!


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        Well in order to maintain peace in the channel, there were certain "*******ters" who have been akicked from the channel.

        All of whom are ex-winamp forumers anyways.


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          wait, so it's an exclusive club?


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            Originally posted by triGEAR
            wait, so it's an exclusive club?

            not really, just people who are. um...

            how should i put this..


            yes. they aren't allowed in the channel. (you know who you are)


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              right. so it's an exclusive club.


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                Originally posted by incubus*chick
                And hey, another incentive for you #*******ters is: the one and only incubus_chick is making #winamp her new territory!
                That ammounts to bribary!
                "We think science is interesting and if you disagree, you can fuck off."


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                  So this chan excludes a-arse, squell, weedsatan, beer baron, and anyone else I forgot to mention?


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                    no, arse and weedsatan can come if they want, if you have a problem with them use /ignore, if don't like using ignore then you'll just have to grin and bear it then

                    Mostly I would like some of the newer forums members to join.

                    Ive been seeing a lot of new faces here lately, unfamiliar ones, that are making this forum worth coming to again.


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                      That's only because they're vunerable Bizz, and you know it .
                      "We think science is interesting and if you disagree, you can fuck off."


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                        #******* was never a forums chat. It was a place for fans of AVS and part of bt's website.

                        How will this new place differ from #*******? It won't, unless you manage to get lots of new people from the forums in there. Well done for creating a forums chat anyway

                        Just note that #******* is not limited access. No forum member is banned. No one was driven out, they left by choice.

                        As for the Incubus_chick thing, she kept banning, kicking and de-oppping people she didn't like. You can't go doing that in a chat room open for all visitors. Forget peoples modes and just chat will you. Anyway she's always welcome there.

                        ahahahahaha. 'assholes' banned yet the channel is operated by the biggest fucking retard on these forums. Hilarious


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                          i believe now is the time i should make my feelings clear:

                          I like bizz and seer (the two people who greeted me in #winamp). and how could i not like IC?

                          BUT, i like the way matt runs #*******, if anyone had a problem, all they needed to do was say something and it would be fixed. I liked the whole "you are an op unless we decide we don't like you" ideals of the past #*******. #******* was good and pure. the flooding was good, the staff few. now it all seems to have changed, and i don't think #winamp will help, due to the time it was founded (think communisim, it'll work under the right circumstances).


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                            Please don't let this thread turn into a flame war. ? Why is this thread a sticky it does imply some type of legitimacy to this channel over the other one.

                            I must confuse that I do not goin either of the channels very often at all but war factions interally we can do without this is not the UN you know.
                            "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

                            Visuals - Morphyre


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                              Err, yeah, why is this a sticky?

                              I was away for a while.
                              But I'm feeling much better now.