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Winamp 5.0 Beta 1 Released

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  • Winamp 5.0 Beta 1 Released

    Get Winamp 5.0 Beta 2 Here

    Betanews with download
    FAQ (including new Winamp Pro Section)

    Changelog since last public release:
    Winamp 5.0beta 10/13/03
    * modern skin updates :
    - fixed win98 crash with desktopalpha skins
    - fixed pledit jumping on top of main window when docked and interacting with config drawer
    - fixed avs hiding main window when docking to editor
    - fixed vis gammagroup filtering
    - fixed bgr color for pledit scrollbar background in v1.0 skins
    - fixed rare crash on skinswitch
    - added timers resolution autodetection
    - added configuration of text scrolling speed
    - added vis_cfg action to toggle vis cfg window via button
    - fixed config drawer tabs moving the app when not selected
    - added enable docking checkbox and docking distance editobox in prefs
    - added tooltip checkbox in prefs
    - fixed tooltip stealing focus from popup menus
    - added support for noresize flag in embedwnd so that it spawns the right container
    - added notransparency flag for embedwnd, made milkdrop use it
    - fixed potential aot reset by embedwnd (ie, milkdrop)
    - fixed slow text ticker, made it use timerclient_getSkipped to have consistent speed regardless of timer resolution
    - added timer resolution in prefs page
    - added link ratio & alpha in prefs page
    - fixed empty popups in pledit menubar, commandbuttons and ml menubar when no playlist or devices are available
    - fixed "mono" display when nothing playing, made songinfo update faster after clicking play
    - separated link position & link width for main winshade window, changed default to link all
    - removed move="1" for song title display on main window normal and shade modes
    - fixed click on beatvis that would sometime fail to toggle active status
    - added gammagroup xml param to vis objects
    - made switching to windowshade open undocked video & vis when video is playing or vis is visible, docks back when coming back to normal mode
    * made library able to update info on files that dont support tag writing when tag writing is checked
    * fixed burning bug when using certain .WAV output settings
    * enabled burning on multiple devices simultaneously
    * made Winamp check to see if AVS or milkdrop is running fullscreen before starting video playback, and remove
    fullscreen if necessary
    * made AVS and Milkdrop check for video playback before going fullscreen (milkdrop uses fake mode, AVS complains)
    (to avoid DirectDraw crash)

    Winamp 5.a10 10/10/03:
    * fixed library's playlist buttons
    * cleaned up prefs for steve some
    * fixed crash bugs in AVS, added new AVS effects from Unconed and Tom Holden
    * made doubleclick in AVS go fullscreen
    * made AVS autodetect video modes for fullscreen if necessary
    * updated to latest veritas SDK (should prompt for reboot if necessary now)
    * new milkdrop that integrates better, and fixes bugs, and is smaller
    * fixed tagz '?' lameness
    * modern skin updates :
    - fixed aot changes not being detected
    - fixed elapsed/remaining toggle not being forwarded
    - fixed right key in menubar when menu item selected is a submenu, fixed left when in a submenu, fixed right after hovering on an submenu item, phew!
    - fixed left/right keys seeking while in a menubar
    - fixed guru due to custom checkbox accessing nonexisting layouts because they are now dynamic, made them use configattributes
    - made vis & video open undocked when in windowshade mode

    Winamp 5.0a9 10/08/03:
    * modern skin updates :
    - fixed starting modern skin when winamp is minimized (or reloading winamp with modern skin when it was minimized on exit)
    - added Vis_FS action
    - added menubar keyboard shortcuts
    - made winamp ask the skin about *any* key it receives so that script can trap (and prevent) them
    - added left/right keys for menubar navigation
    - fixed avs flicker when spawning & closing via menu or keyboard shortcuts
    - added guid for colorthemes pref page ({53DE6284-7E88-4c62-9F93-22ED68E6A024})
    - fixed keyboard script hooks
    - added "equalizer" to popups, automatically opens the drawer and switches to the tab
    - added modern skin submenu to main popup menu/options
    - added attrib page for adding items to View menu via script (also show up in main popup)
    - fixed auto move of docked layouts when switching to windowshade when original layout has snapadjust values
    - added action PE_ListOfLists for winshade playlist editors
    - added about box guid for lightning bolt click ({8DDA9D48-B915-4320-A888-831A1D837516})
    - added unlink="1" for layouts to remember their own position/size regardless of linkwidth/linkheight
    - added windowshade for main & pledit, whoohoo Sven!
    - fixed checkmark for container entries in menu
    - added automatic discarding of unused bitmaps in memory, drops usage by 2 to 7mb (depending on skin) when not interacting with the ui
    - fixed huge leak in ttf rendering, that one was leaking 300k/s when the song title was scrolling ! uh oh...
    - fixed small leak in xmlparser
    - fixed parsing of groupdefs in the middle of dynamic containers
    - fixed small leak on skinswitch
    - fixed small leak in gammamgr
    - reduced memory usage by ~3mb when using winamp modern skin.
    - fixed shutdown sequence
    - fixed drawer locking up in closed position after detaching both windows via the menus
    - fixed vis or video poping up when clicking detach menu option while wnd is hidden
    - added option to bypass user defined drawer direction when window is going to get partially hidden after opening the drawer
    - added ability to set cfgattribute value "-" to make a separator in the custom skin option menus
    - added user option for drawer direction
    - added reversed drawer, heehee
    - added guiobject.reverseTarget() to move x/y values according to w/h values so that a drawer moves the opposite direction (ie, increase w/h in a targettimer, call reverseTarget and instead of growing to the right/bottom, the object will grow to the left/top - works on layouts!)
    - fixed weakness in assessing visible states
    - fixed drawer not remembering size after user resize
    - added open from library in pledit lists submenu
    - added "manage playlists" in pledit lists submenu
    - fixed seek on doubleclick in openfile box
    - fixed pledit disapearing on winamp startup
    - fixed minivis stopping on desktopalpha toggle
    - fixed some drawer issues
    * cd burning view:
    - added item moving stuff
    - burners default to burning view when no cd present
    - added burning view auto refresh
    - added 44khz resampling
    * made good generic title formatting system, that'll use library data, id3 tags, vorbis tags, cd info, etc.
    * in_dshow: added buffering status when playing streams
    * added skin rename/remove support
    * made ripping to WAV file when using a ACM conversion to generate proper files
    * in_nsv: added PCM support
    * fixed random skin support
    * fixed user info dialog multiinstance issue
    * added gracenote tuid retrieval in library's mini infobrowser

    Winamp 5.0a8 10/02/03:
    * big modern skin updates (as usual)
    - docking/undocking support and drawer fixes
    * library has leet audio view searching now
    * mucho bugfixes, yo

    Winamp 5.0a7 9/29/03:
    * big modern skin updates (woo!)
    - fixed opacity related repaint flicker when hiding video
    - added modernskin custom options preliminary submenu
    - added smooth scroll of the video/avs drawer
    - fixed modernskin videoavs.m bugs
    - fixed focus problems with avs in the main window
    - changed "Media Library" to "Library"
    - changed "Freeform" to "Modern"
    - fixed wndregion problems when heigth/width of a group is zero
    - fixed wndregion problems when showing/hiding objects
    - fixed repaint problems
    - fixed bug with playlist editor background color
    - added font size correction
    - added lite bold (bold="2") which looks similar to old antialias="1" on non bold, so for skins backward compatibility, bold + old antialias = lite bold
    - more color interpolation fixes
    - made skin menus use win32 menus
    - fixed autowidth/height from text with bold/italic attributes
    - added system.getidealvideowidth/height();
    - added colorthemes_next and previous actions
    - added actions for pl/video/avs command buttons
    - made video follow its rect without 250ms delays
    - fixed checkmark for elapsed/remaining in options menu
    - added lock in scaling menu
    - added nohscroll="1" to themeslist object to hide the scrollbar
    - fixed gammagroups for text widgets
    * more prefs overhaul to make steve happy
    * cd burning fixes
    * cd ripping crash fix
    * other fixes/etc
    * gen_ff :

    Winamp 5.0a6 9/25/03:
    * followup to 5.0a5:
    * modern skin fixes (yay francis rules):
    - fixed HUGE doublesize by always resizing back the huge width or height to the screen max
    - fixed safe transparency autoswitching
    - fixed render ratio problems when opening embedded window in already scaled window
    - added control menu to app context menu
    - implemented ff control menu
    - added layout snap adjustment
    - added System.switchSkin script call
    - fixed initial focus to main window
    - added eq commands from menubar
    - added radio/tv in menubar
    - fixed pe menu / open from library only showing the playlist rather than playing it in the pe
    - made PE_File context menu load playlists even if ml was never shown
    - added context menus for the player controls
    - added elapsed/remaining hook for time displays
    - fixed ml/pl button not lightning up when ml/pl is showing
    - added checkmark for "Main Window" when the main container is visible
    - improved color interpolation for wa3 skins
    * fix to ripping speed selection crash bug
    * updated mp3 codec selection on unreg stuff (to revert back to old codec)
    * burning ui fixes
    * installer fixes [workarounds for now too]

    Winamp 5.0a5 9/23/03:
    * very alpha version of new modern skin, lots of gen_ff updates
    * new install process (Thanks kichik for the help)
    * cd burning
    * better AAC time updating support
    * mp3 ripping (with winamp pro regkey)
    * sendto menu in library
    * big AVS updates (2.7pre3 or so? forgot to update the ver#, but this one is newer than
    anything other as of 9/23)
    * directory autoscanning for library (woo)
    * more! I forget it all...

    Winamp 5.0a4:
    a4: mostly cosmetic update:
    a4: fixed library/pe in wa3 mode in 16bpp mode
    a4: new splash screen
    a4: updated credits/about box stuff
    a4: added good in_nsv about box
    * .wal support in winamp.exe
    * changed ripping filename specifier to <artist> etc
    * minibrowser moved to gen_ml
    * made empty media view have some crappy text + add directory button
    * down arrow in library search now go to results
    * veritas SDK integration for CD ripping/playback
    * huge preferences makeover
    * mini-context-info stuff in gen_ml (complete with internet checking)
    * made bitmapped font in winamp off by default for better int shit
    * uninstall plug-in support
    * changed allow multiple instances behavior to be better (always off
    when playing/enqueuing files)
    * made bookmarks viewer editor in library
    * made library support drag&drop for adding directories
    * made library have more options for adding files metadata
    * made library metadata updating faster
    * tons of wa3 skin love
    * about box for AAC stuff
    * made wa3 pledit use colors and better scrollbars
    * bugfixes in gen_ff
    * fixed little gfx bug in fullscreen video playback on multimon
    * more!

    Winamp 2.95 (never released):
    * startup with hung winamp process in background fixed (opens new instance)
    * CD ripping support in media library
    * Preliminary AAC playback support added to in_mp3.dll
    * ryan fixed shuffle again
    * minibrowser ctrl+l fix
    * media library: lots of bugfixes
    * media library: listener count in internet tv/radio
    * media library: query playback mode preferences
    * media library: skinnable list/treeview selection colors
    * nsv: subtitle bugfixes
    * nsv: more buffering options
    * nsv: shoutcast metadata support
    * nsv: better invalid bitstream handling
    * nsv: better display options
    * nsv: new ASYN aux chunk handling.
    * nsv: support for new extended TOC with frame-accurate seeking
    * video: overlay fixes on 556 and other unusual modes
    * video: drag&drop URL to video window now works.
    * video: subtitle fixes.
    * video: support for alt+enter and alt+f4 to leave fullscreen
    * cdda: bugfixes
    * avs: evallib | and & operator fixes
    * in_vorbis fixes/updated libvorbis to post-1.0 cvs
    * in_midi fixes

    Winamp 5.0 upgrades and installs over Winamp 2.x
    Do NOT install in the same dir as Winamp3 (this is a separate product/player)

    Please read the following threads first:

    Winamp 5 Wishlist forum
    Sticky: Official Winamp 5.0 Wishlist

    Winamp 2 Bug Reports forum
    Sticky: Known Winamp 5.0 Beta Bugs
    Sticky: Put ALL Winamp 5.0 Bugs in Here!

    Winamp 2 Discussions forum
    Sticky: The Winamp5 Development FAQ
    Sticky: Winamp5 Beta 1

    Winamp3 Discussions forum
    Sticky: Winamp 2.9, Winamp3, and the future

    Re: AAC/MP4/M4P (Winamp 5 vs iTunes)
    search first

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    its fcuking awsome.


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        aaaargh, just switched to Linux completely hope to see another WA3/Linux release soon.

        Anyone got a status on that one btw? is it even being developed anymore?


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          Don't get your hopes up


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              To download Winamp 5 go here:


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                Is This Me Or I Really Have To Pay For It??


                • #9
                  Originally posted by eminemfan
                  Is This Me Or I Really Have To Pay For It??
                  You only have to pay for:
                  High speed CD Ripping
                  High speed CD Burning
                  MP3 Encoding

                  Shit costs.
                  Get over it.
                  (i'll have a proper faq about this up as soon as steve gets online)

                  See sawgs page on it:
                  (i am not responsible for that etcetera)


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                    in case its needed... i doubt it though lol


                    • #11
                      is more stable than alpha7, tweakability++

                      yay for nullsoft, I am not sure whether an interesting gui would go well with the preferences for n00bs, I'm guessing no it wouldn't, don't want to go OTT like some players ¬_¬



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                        lots of new stuff......but i cant use the new modern skin without the familiar yellow titlebar....its just not right.

                        still no xp icons.


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                          Originally posted by xenosomething
                          lots of new stuff......but i cant use the new modern skin without the familiar yellow titlebar....its just not right.

                          still no xp icons.
                          Try the "good old wa2" colourtheme
                          DO NOT PM ME WITH TECH SUPPORT QUESTIONS


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                            it looks godawful like that...back to baseskin 2.91 for me.

                            but OH SHIT....the 2.x skins stretch smoothly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            that is great.


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by xenosomething
                              it looks godawful like that...back to baseskin 2.91 for me.
                              Yeah, thats why they left the base skin in as "Winamp Classic" in the skins menu
                              DO NOT PM ME WITH TECH SUPPORT QUESTIONS