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    Well, first, I've searched the forums something about 15 minutes before posting this thread, and if it already exists, I'm really sorry, just tell me.
    Well, ya know, or if not I come from Brasil, here the prices of things are VERY high, especially when we talk About PCs ...
    I just wanna know, what is the configuration of ur PCs ..
    Mine is:

    Motherboard: Asus AS333
    AMD Athlon XP 2400+
    256MB RAM 333
    GeForce $ 64MB
    17' Monitor Samsung 753V

    That's what i can get here !!!

    What about urs !?
    I Love You Ana Luiza

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    Hmm, woulda thought there would have been a thread on your computer's specs...
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      Forgive me father for what I'm about to do.........


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        Originally posted by ElChevelle
        Forgive me father for what I'm about to do.........
        what chev the suspence is killing us
        latest version of Winamp
        DSP Plug V2.41
        Language Packs


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          I'm still wiring it and looking for those blasting caps.
          Where did I put those damn hings.


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            That page is a bit old though, i might update it tonight.


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              3 GHz Pentium 4
              Intel D875PBZ Mobo
              420w PSU
              1 GB PC3200 RAM (2 x 512 MB sticks)
              190 GB HDD 8 MB cache (Advertised as 200 GB(partitioned @ 30 GB and 160 GB))
              Audigy 2
              GeForce FX 5600 256 MB
              16x DVD-ROM and 52x/32x/52x CD-RW drive
              19" CRT @ 1600x1200 75hz
              Extra stuff from Alienware

              Some more stuff will probably be added by Christmas time.
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                Compaq Presario 9240
                32Megs of RAM
                12x CD-ROM
                28.8 modem
                13" IBM 6324 monitor
                Windows 98se (more stable than XP)
                The sound runs through my Honda car stereo which is has 2 Infinity speakers wired to it. It seems like crap, sounds like a couple of subwoofers with matching tweeters.
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                  Originally posted by deeder7001
                  Windows 98se (more stable than XP)

                  You're kidding right?


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                    nope. my computer has less crashes and has less overall problems than the other computer i use that has XP. 98 is easier to work with than XP. I don't get that many pop ups as compared to XP. I can run some games that XP can't(example: Warcraft 2).
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                      my 98se is also more stable than my Win2k machine.


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                        MSI K7D Master L (Dual capable)
                        AMD Athlon MP 2GHz/266/512k/2400 (one only)
                        Corsair XMS PC3200/DDR400/512MB
                        PCI-X Promise FastTrak S150 SX4
                        - Crucial/Micron SDRAM/256MB/133/ECC (cache memory for PCI-X RAID)
                        4 x Seagate SATA 80GB/8MB/7200K (RAID 0)
                        TDK indi DVD/RW
                        ATI Radeon 9800 NON-PRO 128MB
                        Sleeved Enermax 550W
                        MSI PC11B 802.11b
                        MSI TV@nywhere Master

                        MSWXPP, This system is used for photoshop, 3DSmax, CAD/CAM, and DVD editing. the 4 hard drives in RAID 0 does wonders.

                        Old system:

                        2 x 550MHz/100MHz/512k Pentium III
                        ASUS (forgot) Dual Motherboard with onboard U160 SCSI
                        2 x Seagate 18GB Ultra160 (RAID 0)
                        GeForce 4 MX 440
                        Yamaha Sound Card
                        Netgear network card


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                          I have some stuff in a blue box.

                          Seriously tempted to get a quad opteron system when I start work after I finish uni.
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                            Re: =[PC Status]=

                            Originally posted by morgado
                            Well, first, I've searched the forums something about 15 minutes before posting this thread,
                            I searched for about 15 seconds
                            You wanna talk about something, but don't know where to turn? Chat your heart out here...

                            Search > Specs > forum "General Discussions" > Search Titles only > Show results as threads.

                            Anyhow, it's a bit mouldy oldy.

                            PC specs?, don't know or care, it has a nice green light on the front though.


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                              Pile of Crap

                              1.8ghz Cellery
                              384mb ram
                              40 gig and a 1 gig hardrives
                              Haupauge winTV Tv card
                              motherbord... ..god alone knows which...
                              some other random parts...
                              Win XP home (Spit on floor)
                              Mandrake Linux 9.1
                              Member most in need of SpellCheck Lifetime Achievement Award

                              I'm a Twitch Streamer these days, it's weird.