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  • KaZaA Lite Help (Proxies)

    I downloaded KazaaLite++ here on my school computer, and suprisingly, it installed. (It's an alternate language version). The problem is, it won't connect.

    I really only downloaded the program so I could get "Jet Black New Year". A song I already have on the Thursday album, but the computers have no CD Drives. I have classes in this room three periods in a row, so I would seriously like to have working K-Lite.

    The problem, like I said, It won't connect.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any proxies or knows where I could find a list of some that I could try to connect through.

    You may deem this illegal, or something, but I use my powers of the internet for collective good, and not evil.

    Procrastinators of the world unite!... Tomorrow!

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    Your school is probably blocking the port or proxy that K uses.


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      That's why I'm looking for different proxies.

      Procrastinators of the world unite!... Tomorrow!


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        if you have an unrestricted http-proxy, proxycap will probably do it, if you have a SOCKS server, pump the details in and it should work. if you - like me - have a restricted http connection, you might be able to get snail-like speeds from http-tunnel or similar.

        edit: actually, http-tunnel doesn't have a free service any more :/


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          Skool es four lurneeng.