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Winamp 5.0rc666 Released

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  • Winamp 5.0rc666 Released


    Full download (Lite Version)
    FAQ (including new Winamp Pro Section)

    Winamp 5.0 upgrades and installs over Winamp 2.x
    Do NOT install in the same dir as Winamp3 (this is a separate product/player)

    Please read the following threads first:

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    Sticky: Official Winamp 5.0 Wishlist

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    Re: AAC/MP4/M4P (Winamp 5 vs iTunes)
    search first

    Winamp 5.0rc666 specific fixes:
    * fixed potential crashbug in ml
    * avs sscope updates, fixes
    * modern skins : fixed SHGetSpecialFolderPath on old OSes

    Winamp 5.0rc10:
    * modern skin updates
    - fixed coming back from windowshade closes video drawer
    - fixed user settings path assert
    - added 6 color themes (coagulated, peachy, bricks set, rosemary, blueberry and cream, qwayke)
    * added media library plugins configuration, support for type column
    * latest VP5 decoder, VP6 decoder
    * disabled hotkeys when hotkeys configuration is focused
    * AVS: support getkbmouse() from script. woot.
    * AVS: support new text features, including $(title), $(reg00), $(playpos), $(playlen)
    * AVS: added (optional) eval code for effect lists
    * AVS: experimental SMP support
    * AVS: fixed a alpha clamping bug in dmove
    * AVS: eval code stats in debug window
    * AVS: memory footprint reduction (framebuffer freeing)
    * AVS: eval code optimizations, much smaller and faster code (woot)

    Winamp 5.0rc9 11/19/03:
    * fixed how some very broken databases would set the db recovery
    into an infinite loop
    * fixed info for wa3 skins
    * fixed winamp3 upgrading for later builds
    * fixed sendto ml playlist when it is open

    Winamp 5.0rc8 11/19/03:
    * modern skin updates
    - fixed config menu radiobuttons turning off when clicked again
    - fixed unreadable selected list item text color in 2 gamma groups
    - fixed theme list using slightly different colors than ml lists
    - fixed taskbar move syscommand bringing up wa2 main window
    * updated avs, faster evallib. makes eval heavy presets superfaster.
    * made cd ripping unlock drive and cleanup on exit in middle of rip

    Winamp 5.0rc7 11/18/03:
    * fixed metrics dialog parenting
    * fixed avs Nbuffer stuff, exposed Nbuffers via API (woo hope no more crashy)
    * fixed avs memory leak

    Winamp 5.0rc6 11/18/03:
    * fixed gen_ml view restoring when "do not load library at startup" checked
    * fixed another avs dmove bug

    Winamp 5.0rc5 11/18/03:
    * made reginfo stored in the registry instead of winamp.ini
    * added Ctrl+H to keyboard shortcut list in about

    Winamp 5.0rc4 11/18/03:
    * fixed drag&drop to main window when AVS is docked
    * more advanced title logic tweaks
    * fixed error in keyboard shortcuts list in about box

    Winamp 5.0rc3 11/18/03:
    * updated hotkeys to be tabable
    * updated advanced title logic to fix a few issues
    * fixed issue when modern skin or gen_ff not found
    * fixed modern skin about box when in classic skins
    * updated to latest AOD (complete with good uninstall support)

    Winamp 5.0rc2:
    * fixed playlist editor status bug
    * fixed seh options not being saved
    * made installer check for gen_peercast and prompt user

    Winamp 5.0rc1
    * updated credits
    * updated to newer NSIS
    * made gen_hotkeys, gen_ml, and gen_ff all use msg registration api to avoid msg collisions
    * updated installer to prompt for reboot in certain instances on < win2k
    * fixed typo in installer
    * modern skin updates
    - fixed options/skins menu issue
    - changed some colorthemes names
    - fixed lack of shift/ctrl + eject
    - fixed shutdown problem with text objects

    Winamp 5.0rc0 11/16/03
    * fixed crash when subtitles but no video
    * added SEH options to avs and winamp for plug-ins
    * fixed bug in gracenote TUID and "Now Playing" tab
    * added CD locking when ripping
    * christophe optimized some in_dshow stuff (not sure if he wanted this shit in here, heh)
    * gen_ml recent items limiting fix
    * gen_ml info viewer fixes
    * modern skin updates
    - final skin drop
    - fixed player taking focus when notifier goes away (again, yeah, i just forgot to check it in :-))
    - fixed resizing / snapadjust issues opening the drawer without showing its content (hole in player) in some cases
    - disabled notifier fade sliders when running on w95/98
    - fixed component editwnd colors (colortheme editor)
    - fixed shade songticker alternate font color not matching bitmap font color group
    - fixed lack of shift/ctrl + next/play/stop/prev
    - fixed system.floattostring ignoring its ndigits param
    - fixed potential crash in text widgets that change display param dynamically
    - fixed locked windows going offscreen (like nonstep avs) made then ignore offscreen since they are locked to a layout that checks its own position
    - added nooffscreencheck="1" for layouts in case offscreen check needs to be disabled for a window
    - fixed assert in region
    - fixed crash color extraction from undefined container
    - fixed crash when not specifying a band parameter to an eqband object
    - fixed buttons onleavearea detection with nonstandard scales
    - fixed notifier not showing minimized when "show in windowshade and when minimized" is on
    - fixed freeform dropdownlists not closing
    - fixed crash when a window is destroyed while moving all windows docked
    - fixed system.playfile (base dir changed, has to be relative to skin in wa5, so filename is tweaked if it starts with "skin\nameofskin")

    Winamp 5.0 beta 5 11/14/03
    * modern skin updates
    - fixed mousewheel in pledit not responding after context menu popped on frame
    - fixed mousewheel controlling volume when scrolling in now playing ml pane
    - fixed mousewheel controlling volume after clicking on ml titlebar
    - fixed doublesize menu item not disabled when not using scale locks
    - fixed potential crash in colortheme management
    - fixed player getting focus when notifier closes, added nofocusonclose param for containers
    - fixed loading skins that are packaged wrong, with the skin in a subdirectory in the wal
    * fixed mouse cursor on popup menus
    * updated AVS presets/APEs to good final ones
    * updated gen_hotkeys labeling

    Winamp 5.0beta4:
    * modern skin updates:
    - new skin drop
    - fixed going from opaque on hover to opaque on focus disables autoopacity
    - fixed how the arrow icon on the drawer would not change to reflect the direction the drawer will open
    - fixed notifier not setting winamp to the foreground after restoring it when clicked (added System.activateApplication())
    - fixed closing player with maximize on, now restarts with maximize on too
    - fixed drawer remembering opened drawer size when maximized upon startup
    - fixed closing drawer when maximize on, now drawer keeps maximize state when closed til manual resize and no longer loses old wnd size, will open to maximize height
    - fixed opening config drawer while being maximized losing maximized state and/or saving maximized height, now auto adjusts size to match available space (added System.onSnapAdjustChanged())
    - fixed auto restore on video start if maximized was entered when video wasn't playing (which kinda ruined the point, heh)
    - fixed layout not saving its position when resized from script (ie: clicking maximize button) and reloading to the old pos
    - fixed video overlay repositionning lagging when moving main window from another window (ie, ctrl+shift+move another window)
    - fixed cancellation of drawer animation when using fixed alpha
    - fixed saving unlinked auto opacity setting
    - fixed flickers, paintings slowdowns and leftovers when hosting a skinned window inside the preferences
    - fixed freetype using OS dpi instead of fixed 96 dpi like it was supposed to
    - fixed skins using gradient, polygon, osedge and solid color generated images
    - fixed crash in system.eject() and system.playfile()
    - fixed "component is missing" in a bunch of skins
    - fixed skin crashes due to scriptcore object not found, added fake scriptcore, does nothing (sorry, single core...)
    - fixed crash when switching to skins that do not define the window background color and doesn't lets us extrapolate from a constructed window
    - fixed custom opacity using window's opacity as a starting point (and reseting to it on cancel) when opacity is linked
    - fixed invisible window when loading desktopalpha skin with global transparency on
    - made jpgloading external
    - fixed ctrl+f4 on main window or on pure wasabi windows (with no pl/ml/video, etc, ie: colorthemes) bringing up wa2 window
    - fixed notifier "disable in fullscreen"
    - fixed 0db/-12db not always working
    - fixed eq showing last modern skin eq settings after going back to classic and changing them
    - fixed mmd3 getting chopped off
    - fixed skins getting trapped into a infinite loop because the eq value they set would come back slightly off due to 4 bits of precision lost between wa3 & wa5 eq range,
    and that would try again and again to set the value based on comparision. made it so that this gap is checked for and if value matches, we send the last hiprecision value in the callback
    - fixed equalizer menu entry being checked after closing config drawer without animation
    - fixed blank notifier when linked autoopacity on
    - fixed switching desktopalpha on a window that previously had forced transparency flag
    - fixed clicking eq button on windowshade not repainting drawer when transparency on and eq wasn't the previously selected tab in config drawer and drawer animation is off (phew!)
    * updated a lot of little menu shit
    * made better handling of no media in library
    * renamed a lot of directories to folders, library to media library.
    * disabled drag&drop moving of tree items in media library for other than playlists/views
    * made sonic logo in burning link to sonic (well, almost)
    * made video view have better column defaults
    * fixed changing-systray options while minimized bug
    * added simple view editor to library (woot), added support for X:XX times, and a few new operators to querylang
    * switched Gracenote submit mode from test to normal
    * new Winamp icon
    * cleaned up query builder, made time editor external to it so that the simple view editor can use it too
    * changed user-agent versions
    * improved library length retrieval for legacy plugins
    * fixed library adding files to directory list
    * updated OLE drag&drop logic to fix library (might have broken other things, but I sure hope not)
    * added XP Manifest.xml to winamp.exe
    * fixed a channelshift bug in AVS, and made AVS support nifty script help dialogs for APEs
    * made ctrl+b, shift+b, shift+z work, added some menu items for some of them.
    * made F1 open help, added help menu item to main menu, made help launch browser
    * skinned combo boxes in Media Library, made radio/tv resizing behavior better (hides comboboxes when small)
    * made agent icon use configured winamp system tray icon
    * fixed sendto burner status updates
    * made agent use the new icon
    * fixed firsttime CD lookup bug
    * optimized winamp's load titles on demand logic, made faster
    * made winamp prompt before exit if ripping a CD
    * made config saving after prefs window closing deferred for better ui response
    * improved view editor advanced builder
    * fixed manifest
    * made ctrl+f1 do about box
    * made winamp's internal submenu management more reliable
    * made installer support winamp3 upgrading/skin migration
    * out_ds no longer changes buffer size when changing crossfading in modern skin, uses max(crossfadetime, buffersize) instead

    Winamp 5.0beta4 11/10/03:
    * modern skin updates:
    - fixed paint problems when resizing media library up with opacity < 100%
    - fixed flicker in media library list headers when scrolling horiztonally with opacity < 100%
    - fixed potential crash if skin switched many many times
    - gave a better look to gen_ff's about box, made it use wasabi for ttf & script
    - delayed cancellation of forced transparency off (ie, video) by one second to avoid flickering if we're merely switching to a safe transparency mode for a fraction of a second
    - gave log scale to opaque on hover sliders
    - added System.onShowNotification hooked up to IPC_SHOW_NOTIFICATION so that skins can implement their notifier however they like
    - fixed bitrate/samplerate/channels display sometimes going to 0
    - added System.getSongInfoText()
    - made skin config menu do a real crossfade between pages
    - made skin config menu scroll entire pages of menu items rather than use thinger-like click-n-wait-n-release
    - fixed crash when drawing very big truetype fonts in very small spaces
    - fixed freetype font padding
    - fixed rare region problem when offset(x,y) would do nothing
    - separated default/fallback font from ttf override font
    - added allowmaping="0" to prevent a font from being overriden (ie, the font uses special symbols that are necessary for your design)
    - added auto 100% opacity on focus
    - added font mapper to map any specific font (even a bitmap skin font) to any other specific TTF font
    - fixed tooltips left/right padding
    - added skin info tab in preferences, for skinners to put an about box or preference widgets. when no group is defined,
    we print the data from the skininfo block.
    note: to put a group there, just have a <groupdef id=""/>, the group should be nicely resizable
    to accomodate various dialog size corrections for OS' dpi setting.
    - added display="VID_Info" for text objects to show the same video info string as in classic mode
    - fixed tooltips stealing focus in some rare remaining cases
    - grayed out opacity settings for win95/98
    * added bitrate & file size columns to library (you may need to rescan your directories for this info)
    * added IPC_SHOW_NOTIFICATION for plugins to ask to show the notification, returns 1 if the skin implements it, 0 if not
    * added "show notification" global hotkey

    Winamp 5.0beta3 11/07/03:
    * modern skin updates :
    - new skin drop
    - fixed winamp3 skins windowshade not being used :
    - prevented use of autoclose="1" in < 1.0 skins (wasn't doing anything in 0.8 but breaks windowshades if used in 1.0)
    - added autoavailable="0" to drawer's wndholder params (should _not_ be used in floating component windows unless you know what you are doing)
    - fixed maddoubleclicks on switch to vis/video spawning undocked wnd
    - fixed vertical componentbucket sizes stuff, added functions to use as custom bucket
    - fixed freetype wrapped text draw
    - removed wa2 skinned cursors in freeform mode
    - removed some wa2 drawing in freeform mode for speed and clarity
    - fixed window position being forgotten when fonts dpi is not 96 (thx dougieha!)
    - added leftpadding & rightpadding params for text objects
    - added auto-100% opacity option, monitors mouse hovering a layout and brings it temporarilly back to fully opaque
    - fixed multimonitor tooltips
    - added multimonitor compliant offscreen detection, brings back to main screen if window is lost, ignored if docked to main window
    - added metadata access for scripts (only to currently playing item)
    - made color themes auto update to new groups in default theme
    - fixed unwanted window activations
    - fixed region optimizations
    - made grid object build its region (finally)
    - added container.getCurLayout(), container.close()
    - added noparent param for layouts (excludes from the minimize/restore window group)
    - added forcealpha param for layouts to prevent screen burps when changing often transparency (keeps layered flag if alpha=255)
    - added layout.getDesktopalpha(), layout.istransparencysafe()
    - added system.isminimized(), system.minimize(), system.restore();
    - added system.getplaylistlength(), system.getplaylistindex();
    - fixed layout.setalpha()
    - fixed changing display param on text objects after init
    - made random button toggle random instead of switching to a random preset, changed avs & milkdrop accordingly
    - added submenu to views in all 3 playlists popup menus
    - fixed keyboard shortcuts not being redirected to winamp in some circumstances (ie, titlebar click in library)
    - fixed keyboard cancelling capture when dragging (ie, ctrl+alt+dragawindow)
    - newer skin drop! with new config menu and crossfader
    - fixed isDesktopAlphaSafe() crashing in w98 (grrr) and isTransparencySafe not taking everything into account, fixes notifier in win98
    - fixed onplay being called instead of onresume in script
    - added notification of pause / resume
    - fixed double click on songtitle popping a non-responding dialog box
    - fixed double click in songtitle not cancelling text grab
    - added fullscreen flag for vis to send to winamp so that script can query if something (video or vis) is fullscreen, modified avs & milkdrop accordingly
    - linked auto100% opacity when layouts opacity is linked
    - added link all windows opacity (and auto100%) & scale, added custom opacity dialog
    - made auto100% hold time configurable
    - made another mode where scale lock is just ignored, and everything is locked
    - fixed notifier being in the menu (added nomenu param to containers)
    - fixed forced-auto100%-opacity on window request (ie, video/milkdrop)
    - fixed docking and moving the notifier leading to crash
    - fixed opening scale menu in notifier and clicking ok when notifier is gone crashb
    - added distance to window for auto100%
    - added configurability of fadein, hold, fadeout time for auto100%
    - disabled video/vis drawer when not in 100% opacity for microsoftish reasons
    - added Layout.isLayoutAnimationSafe() for scripts to do the same
    - made font renderer svc load early, fixes a crash when using <truetypefont /> in gen_ff's system xml
    - added detection of hover on winamp's dialogs & menus for auto100
    - fixed (00:00) in title when playing streams
    * added user-definable global hotkeys (gen_hotkeys)
    * added font override combo for pledit
    * added "recent items" view to media library (independent of main library data -- tracks files, streams, etc)
    * added column customization in library (right click on columns header)
    * added comment, play count, last played, last updated, and ratings columns
    * added ratings setting context menu in media view
    * made the library detect alt+3 tag changes from within winamp and keep DB up to date
    * added query editor, whoohoo
    * added option to use pledit font in trees and views, then justin fixed it
    * updated to new sonic SDK
    * fixed mini info viewer bugs
    * made winamp use filename guesswork even when library isn't open for script access and title
    formatting (of course, only if no metadata is in the file)
    * made library info viewer have meaningful info on artist/album clicks
    * made library never add .cda files
    * created general API so people can use the sendto menu in ml plugins and in other plugins
    * added ML DB API, and ML plugin adding API for other kinds of plugins
    * added sendto menu to playlist editor context menu
    * made nsv/mp3 tag editting not increment play count
    * added data track checks in CD ripping
    * added spacebar shows current playlist item in playlist editor
    * made ml's recent items optional, and moved config for it to prefs (added option for how
    many days to keep items in list, too)
    * made ml's internet tv/radio items optional.
    * made library DB file updating more robust, and added a ton of code to recover corrupted DB.

    made live by will, cause he owns
    (so does Egg, for the intro/links)
    Last edited by will; 19 November 2003, 23:21.