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How can i fix my Eq preses back to their orignal settings?

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    no guys thats not what ALkatrazz was asking about,

    Your presets are stored in a file called winamp.q1 in your winamp directory.
    probably C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.q1
    to get these presets back you would have to reinstall winamp, but i'm feeling nice so I uploaded my unadultarated winamp.q1 file.
    I had to zip it because stupid homestead only allows certain files.
    so you can just download it from
    and unzip it to your winamp directory

    or accually, this is the direct link

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    >open WINAMP.INI

    open it with NOTPAD..

    scroll down and you will find somthing like

    eq_data=XX,XX,XX blah blah

    they are different if you changed it,,

    set them to 31 and that is it.

    make sure winamp is closed when you do this,

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    You can do one of two things...


    1) Go and move all the dials back to center (very hard to do if your hand shakes violently)...


    2) Turn the EQ off by clicking it off (very hard if you're blind and can't see it).

    Hope that helps a little.

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  • ALkatrazz
    Guest started a topic How can i fix my Eq preses back to their orignal settings?

    How can i fix my Eq preses back to their orignal settings?

    when i first got winamp i meesed wiht everythign on the presets not know ing they would go back to thier orignal settings. A friend of mine has all of his orignal settings and they all sound good with different songs so now i want mine to go back to thier orignal setting but dont know how to get em back thanx