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    A software environment called GZigZag has been in development at

    for the past year or so. I believe it has the potential to be a Microsoft killer. But give it a few more years.

    Throw out the concept of application. An application is a bundle of features. Throw out the concept of files, the zigzag structure is an infinitely flexible way of organizing information.

    Imagine instead an environment where programmers write applitudes. Applitudes are simpler than applications. An applitude often corresponds to a single feature. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel all the time (more than 90% of code are basic features that are common to most programs), any new code is usuable by everything else in the environment. Look at the Winamp team. They are rebuilding Winamp from scratch. Most of their effort is being spent rebuilding features available in the older versions of Winamp. It doesn't have to be this way!

    Give people an authoring system of massive proportions. This system will include the functionality of word processors, spreadsheets, databases, hypertext editors, draw programs, mind mapping, and more in one package. Most of it will be free. It will be much more customizible and much easier to program. It will include ways of displaying information that are simply incredible. In ZigZag, you can have as many dimensions as you want. In Floating World, a program running on top of ZigZag, objects with more than three dimensions can be displayed in a fluid 3D environment.

    I guess I'm just a helpless gusher, excited by a programming project in alpha mode. I wish I could have this now, but it will of course take years.

    That is my rant for the day.

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    Originally posted by BrentTurcotte
    Most of it will be free.
    Ok, it's not going to kill MS, ever.


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      If it becomes good, then MS will either:

      i) Buy it and market it for its own.
      ii) Develop its own, and aggressivly market it. Being MS, they will be more successful as people know them.

      MS lives!!!!


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        no, they will reverse engineer it (i love using htat term), give it away until all competitors are out of business, then make it crappy and start selling it for big bucks


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          hey to my reconletion the actual possible Microsoft Killer would be Linux sense Linux has been out more then this zigzag thing

          ...even though i dont use linux


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            OK. It will not kill Microsoft, as Microsoft has a big supply of legacy software, but it will hurt them significantly. If it a 'personal operating system' appears where there is very little need to duplicate code, this could speed software development to a horrendous speed.

            Today's operating systems are based on the stale Windows paradigm (PARC, Mac, Windows, XWindows etc). The basic design has remained unchanged in over 30 years. A design based on windows, applications, files and emulates paper. The Windows paradigm is not the only kind of graphical operating system possible.


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              GZigZag is not quite an operating system. It runs inside of Java. The best configuration for GZigZag might be a bare bones Linux installation that can run Java. Forget XWindows, Linux's version of Windows, it is not needed.


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                Microsoft Killer... isn't that an oxymoron?

                Seriously, they cannot be stopped.


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                  They can be stopped by a sufficiently large flamethrower. Possibly.
                  In support of aggressive sex with llamas, and freedom from the obligation to explain.
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                    To add a new feature to any existing software either requires rebuilding the software and then add the feature, or figuring out the source code and then add the feature.

                    In GZigZag, a code for a new feature added is (probably) independant of any other code. In other words you don't need to hack source code. This means that anyone may be able to add a desired feature themselves within a week, via a much simpler programming language (based on the zigzag structure).

                    Let us give programming back to the people. It should not be necessary to spend years to create quality software.

                    And if ordinary people can create software better than Microsoft with less effort for free, Microsoft and any other company that puts out big software projects, has its work cut out for it to compete. They would have to be superinnovate, work on stuff outside of GZigZag, or do stuff very difficult to program. Game programming would be largely unaffected by GZigZag, because most of the work involved in game production is not coding.


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                      Originally posted by Kevin
                      Microsoft Killer... isn't that an oxymoron?
                      how bout Microsoft Works
                      missyob made me post this.


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                        That one too...

                        How about 'Microsoft Office.' Oh wait, that one was dumb.


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                          how about "death to microsoft", no, wait, that's just what we're all thinking, not an oxymoron


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                            The only thing that would slow down Microsoft is a few frag grenades in the heart of Silicon Valley.. and a full onslaught by a militia the size of Texas.. and that would just slow it down


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                              Oxymoron? Sounds like an air idiot to me.