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  • :-(

    Remember this thread ?

    Well that's going to be over soon. Our school district is in financial hell right now, and because of it, Renee and I were told by our boss (principal) that our superintendent would not be recommending to the school board that our contracts be renewed for next year. 5 other people are in the same position so far, with many more likely to come. In other words,

    Renee and I will lose pretty much all of our income.
    Renee and I will lose our home.
    Renee and I will lose our health care.
    In addition to everything we sacrificed just to come and work here.

    We will continue working until the end of the school year, but after that, we're on our own. Hopefully at least one of us will find a new career and location by then... if not, be looking for some swingdjted spam selling belongings for food.

    The worst thing is, the way it was explained to me, it can't legally be considered a layoff or RIF (Reduction In Force), because we're still within our first three years in the district. We have two choices for our work history record, both of which are horrible:

    1.) A "non-renewal" which looks like firing/termination
    2.) a "resignation" which also looks bad, considering we
    will have chosen to leave a good job.

    Both options make getting an interview at a new prospective job very difficult, and it would not be until an interview where I could explain the situation. I have been advised to take option two because it supposedly looks better than a non-renewal, but I haven't made the decision yet, although I'll be forced to make it soon.

    Our school district is in a $1.33 million per year debt, despite operating in a state that pays staff the lowest of all 50 states. With a staff of only 74 teachers, most making around $30 or less, this means that drastic measures must be taken.

    The school district is asking the tiny, qualified-low-income town for a tax increase to generate $900,000, but that still leaves us $330,000 in debt even if it passes, which is why they decided to cut Renee and me even before the vote on the tax could be done. So far 7 of 74 teachers were officially cut, nearly 10%, and many more will be cut, and yet no one is technically laid off yet. This is the financial situation we live in I guess.

    I really love this job and it'll be sad to see it go.

    Anyone need an experienced, licensed counselor (Renee) or an experienced, licensed Counselor, licensed music/band/choir teacher or experienced computer teacher (me)? Or someone to cook you dinner for a few bucks? Hopefully I'll find a new way soon.

    Sorry so long, but I had to vent.


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    I'm really sorry to hear that things are so bad for you right now. I wish there was something I could do to help. The only thing I can think of at the moment is to try and relocate to a more populated and economically stable area, but I'm sure that'll be difficult without any source of financial income to support such a move. Have you given any thought to changing careers into a field of work that's not slowing down so badly? I know that'd be an extremely tough thing to do, but it might be an option as well.


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      I'm sorry to hear that, Ted. Let me know of anything I can do to help.
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        Prospective employer schools must realise that "resignation" and "non-renewal" are not necessarily negative terms, when screening applicants who've been employed as teachers before.

        Time to get a new job. You know the drill - get those applications going. Don't let yourself become a victim. Good luck.
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          You're not far from Canada. Take a look at the teacher situation north of the 49th. Maybe you'd fit in.


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            that sucks man. isnt there some law in the us like we have that you can not be fired as a teacher?
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              What kind of pep talk does one give a licensed counselor?


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                Originally posted by gaekwad2
                What kind of pep talk does one give a licensed counselor?
                "My heart hates uggos." –J.D.


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                  I wish I could say something to cheer you up but I can't.

                  A non-renewal sounds better to me because you´d not be fired because you are bad at what you do, but just because they can´t afford you, plus that you´re one of the newest people around.

                  Make sure you add to your resumé (sp?) that you had to stop working because of the financial problems of your school, not because you´d be a bad teacher.
                  And indeed, get those applications going.

                  I hope you´ll find the job you were hoping for in your old thread.
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                    Still getting advice from the NEA as to how to handle this. The board meeting is Monday, and I'll probably have to choose between non-renewal and resignation by then.

                    @ W-W ~ One step ahead. 11 actually. Since the news was officially given to us (Monday at the end of the work day), we've filled out nearly 100 applications (needless to say I haven't slept much). Eleven of the of them were in Canada (one was even in your province in Red Deer, Alberta).

                    @G2 - That's a very interesting question.

                    I must say, it's better to know now than at the end of March which is the deadline to notify teachers of non-renewal. I'm hoping we'll find another place to work by next school year because of that.

                    Thanks for all the kind words. They are very much appreciated.
                    Don't forget to live before you die.


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                      I'm sorry to hear about your news.

                      And seriously consider Canada. If everything goes as planned, my wife and I are also thinking of defecting to Canada once she finishes her training. In many ways, life there could be a lot better than here.

                      I also would have to agree with WOTL on his opinion about non-renewal.

                      And, don't worry about what a resume looks like in terms of job loss. I don't know how many people I speak for when I say this, but I tend not to let opinions form in my head about a candidate before I interview them. If I see that they have moved around alot but they still look great for the job, I bring them in and give them a chance to explain. If they truly are only good for dead weight, it will show during the interview. Ya can't judge someone from what is written on a piece of paper.

                      Good luck to you
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                        Well, I just got back from a meeting with our union president. She has spoken with the district's business manager and superintendent and here's the news:

                        If I choose resignation, Renee and I would have to pay exactly 30% of our sign-on bonuses (which were $2000 each) back to the district. In other words it would cost exactly $1,200.00 for us to resign.

                        If I were to be "non-renewed", I would not be responsible for repaying any of our sign-on bonuses.

                        This is because the language of the sign-on bonus contract reads "If teacher chooses not to meet this [three year] obligation, then the cost to the district of providing this financial incentive or assistance shall be repaid..." The word "chooses" makes me pay back if I resign but doesn't if I get "non-renewed". The reason it's 30% is because of a later paragraph that says less than one year of service, 100% payback, after one year 60%, after two years (which is where I will be) 30%.

                        So, long story short it'll be "non-renewal".

                        The next thing I need to figure out (by asking a regional union representative) is how to go about asking my superintendent to write a short signed letter explaining that I was let go for the reason of a financial crisis and for no other reason. If I can get a hold of that, I'll look better to an interviewer.
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                          I'm not a hiring manager but your having that letter would impress me as much as its contents.
                          Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.


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                            Originally posted by swingdjted
                            The next thing I need to figure out (by asking a regional union representative) is how to go about asking my superintendent to write a short signed letter explaining that I was let go for the reason of a financial crisis and for no other reason. If I can get a hold of that, I'll look better to an interviewer.
                            Seems to me, that would be an automatic given. When you're let go, some sort of reason is usually in writing but I'm not familiar with unions.
                            Sorry to hear about your demise. No more than I know about you, (just by reading your posts') I'd hire you just for your level of intelligence. BUT, you're over qualified for the position I have open for a handyman that only pays $10.00 an hour.
                            I wish you & yours the best of luck in your future.


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                              So far, 7 full time teachers, 3-4 full time aids chopped. More likely will take the hit.

                              We're lucky that we don't have kids at the moment. I'd hate to be a kid whose parents both just lost jobs. We've filled out several more applications - down to about 15-20 per day. I think what will happen is that one of us will get a job in a certified position, we'll have to move for it, and the other will just have to search that community for something similar to what you posted.

                              Correction to first post - I meant less than $30,000 per year or less when mentioning the teacher salaries (which is very much lower than other areas). Most states start at above $30K and go up quite a bit for advanced degrees and experience, but our district was paying <$30K for people with 20 years in or 5 years and a masters degree.

                              Although it's hard on us, it's going to be far worse for the students of this district that did absolutely nothing to deserve this. Renee and I have what it takes to at least remain stable through this, but those kids are pretty much stuck where they are.

                              Thanks for the compliment, but if my winamp posts are considered intelligent, this world is in trouble.
                              Don't forget to live before you die.