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I Could Use A Little Help Here(No, Really)

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  • I Could Use A Little Help Here(No, Really)

    I got the computer from my office. It's a Gateway SX 2800. 64x Intel chip running Vista(until Oct.22nd, then I get a free upgrade). I also got a Netgear WNDR 3300router; all this was a freebie. I have a lot of music and Nero and some other stuff on my old emachine(which was a very good lil workhorse) running xp. I use a USB2 adapter to transfer? Do I use Cables? New machine has 1394 port. Do I make a Bridge network using the netgear? Do I run a program? Any help in very simple language would be appreciated. Thanking you all in advance. Oh..Oh I have me a printer now and I set it up myself!
    Ooh, Gabardine

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    You'll need to install Nero on the new machine from the installer program. Your serial number should allow you to install the version you own even if you download it from Nero. I don't know about older versions and 64 bit OS if you are using Vista 64. They may not work. I use Nero 7 and have no problems with 32 bit Vista. You should download the latest version from Nero and not install any version you might have laying around. If you are using < Nero 7, you're probably gonna have problems with Vista. I wouldn't even try it. I mean I REALLY wouldn't try it....

    Plug both machines into the router via CAT 5 cables.

    On the Vista machine, create a folder in /Users/Public. Name it something. Right click --> Sharing --> Advanced Sharing. Set the file permission for User "everyone" to "Full Control" Vista will burb and wretch and black the screen a few times to open the firewall etc. Agree with everything.

    Go to your XP machine. Click on Network Places. You should find the Vista machine listed and the subdirectory will contain your shared folder. Copy and paste anything you want into the network folder. It'll be a little slow because you are only sending 100 megabit, but it's the simplest way.

    If you don't find the Vista computer in your network places, type \\ followed by the Vista machine name in the url bar followed by \. Vista may not broadcast the presence of the machine on the network. You can fix this in the firewall settings, but I don't remember how off hand.


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      The netgear has "Telephone plugs"
      Netgear's wndr 3300
      "Vista will burb and wretch and black the screen a few times to open the firewall etc. Agree with everything."
      uhhhh...errr ok...
      I'm going to look up Cat cables right now. I hope they have telephone line connections. Thank you very much. I was going to try a bridge which I actually have done before.
      But the music folder is BIG!! As for Nero. I don't know. It actually came with the emachine, which was 2002, if that helps. I love that program. And Vista won't let me download Peer Guardian, even when I put it Command prompt written by them to acccept program...Fuckers!!
      Oh, btw, Thanks. You always are very helpful with computer stuff. It's appreciated!
      Ooh, Gabardine


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        Ethernet cables (CAT 5) look like phone cables sorta, but they aren't. Phone cables won't work.

        Nero from 2002 likely won't work. Like I said Nero 7 or above is Vista compatible. If you try to install Nero 6 or below you will probably not be able to uninstall it with the uninstaller and it won't work. To clean up the mess you'll need to look at the Nero web site and find the "cleaner" program to uninstall it.

        You should be able to tell what version you have by looking at it on your XP machine.

        As far as Peer Guardian goes.... I'm skeptical whether it does any real good anyway.

        I would guess you could move 200 megabytes a minute over the lan. Your other choice with USB2 would be faster, but you'd have to take the hard disk out of the XP machine and use an adapter.

        EDIT: It would be best if you did not do multiple copy and paste operations at the same time. One batch of files at a time. Would probably be good if you didn't use the internet while copying either.
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          I thought the USB2 thingy was like an adapter for wireless PC to PC usage. Like you plugged it in a USB port and then "bridged" or something. I am not the person to be opening up my machine...Nooooo... Anyway, if those Cat5 cables and then opening up network on Vista work and I guess I only need one moniter..right? Are their programs that you run to migrate? Just wondering?And can one run two computers(non laptops) off a router with an adapter of sorts?
          Well, can they?
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            Widdy, if you can wait a while before you get your paws on it ...

            Industry-leading expertise and a customer-centric approach. Delivering quality technology products, services and solutions for over 30 years.

            USB transfer cable, though not wireless, will plug into both computers and allow you to migrate files from one to the other.
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              Uh...Is it faster than that Cat 5 thingy?
              Oh, would you know if one can have two Desktops on a Router. One connected to a modem and one on an adapter that doesn't involve opening my desktop? AGRH! My recipe files are in there, too. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!>>>>>><<<<<<>>.
              Do I need two monitors?
              And thanks to you, too.
              Ooh, Gabardine


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                USB2 has a burst rate of 480 Mbps. A 10/100 nic will have a transfer rate of 100 Mbps.

                The sustained transfer rate of USB2 is about about 300 Mbps, if what I have read is correct.

                So, yes, it should be faster then sending the files over a network.

                Yes, you can connect two desktops into a router as long as the router has enough telephone looking ports on it. Most home routers sold have an internet port and four computer ports. As long as both computers have network cards, then you would not have to open your computer.

                You could get away with one monitor if you went the Cat5 route or the USB route and just have both computers close by so you could manually switch it from one to the other.

                Actually Windows remote desktop connection could be used so that you could access the computer without a monitor from the computer with a monitor ... but that would be another step...
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                  Is windows remote desktop free? Or on the system? See cause I thought if you hook them up, you could go "into" say the old one(who is sitting over there) and pick folders to transfer because the " XPFolders" would show up on the network on the Monitor in Vista. Is that clear? And then you could "pick" what you transfer; like Music, and recipes and my friends pictures and stuff to transfer.
                  Ooh, Gabardine


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                    Remote desktop comes with XP, not sure about Vista as I have not used it.

                    If it is not on Vista, then google for realVNC ... they are free and can install on both.

                    You are correct on how it works if you use some sort of a remote desktop application between the two computers. You would pick folders on the computer without a monitor from the computer with a monitor to show up on the network. You could then transfer those files to the computer with a monitor over the network.
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                      So, Is this right? Cat5 and then maybe this
                      This here and then click and transfer. I do have an 1394 on the Vista that's OHC (or whatever it is that lets you use it openly) and some tech places say that's fast. But the Cat5 sounds nice and moi.
                      And thanks again, I appreciate the help.
                      Ooh, Gabardine


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                        Yep widdy, that should be right.

                        If you can get the networking ironed out, then you would be all set. If you have any wireless devices that share your internet connection, then chances are good you know how to get that done.

                        RoH's suggestion over cat5 makes things easy. Using Windows Remote Desktop makes it even easier. From helping people in other areas of the forums with setting up a network ... well some have trouble with it. Don't know how good you are at that, which is why I suggested the USB cable ... If you can handle it, cat5 is the way to go.
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                          *Sticks Router Cable In Mouth And Waits For Lights On Modem To Go On*
                          Well, for transfering I don't have to be on the *InterWeb*!
                          And this will be my first router at home with a desktop and I'm still trying to find out if I can get the older PC to work somehow wirelessly. Van also gave me an old Sony Vaio, that has to be on a plug, but ran on his Lynksys Router and tomorrow he is giving me a card.
                          I mean, what could go wrong? >.<
                          Ooh, Gabardine


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                            Originally posted by Widdykats
                            *Sticks Router Cable In Mouth And Waits For Lights On Modem To Go On*
                            Pics or it did not happen

                            Don't worry, if you do happen to get stuck, I am sure we can help you out ....
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                              Last time I looked at USB bridge adapters they were horrible expensive. It looks like about $20 now. 3X faster than 10/100 ethernet and I think just about the same setup procedure. I'm not sure, I never used one. I wouldn't care because my computers are about 70 feet apart.

                              Sticks Router Cable In Mouth And Waits For Lights On Modem To Go On
                              Wouldn't that be nice.... Fat chance...



                              While DHCP will take care of assigning Class C IP addresses to you lan computers, you have to configure the router for access to the internet.

                              If your VCR is still blinking 12, call your ISP tech support. I'm sure they explain this every minute.