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    Okay, simply put, I first of apologise if this is the wrong section, but i couldn't for the life of me figure out which one to place this in.

    I've been searching for days for a simple application for Windows that is simply an offline program that allows me to say for example:

    Creat a group, named by the artist Disturbed.
    Allow me to create subpages, by the name of each song,
    and in each of those subpages allow me to input lyrics.

    It's not necessarily disturbed mind, but i'm sure you get the picture.

    What i really want is an offline, lyric database program in which I can add my own lyrics

    To be honest it doesn't even have to be originally designed for lyrics, just so long as i'm able to do a similar thing..

    Can anyone give me a hand with this? I've been searching for days, so either i can't find one, or my searching skills are truly awful..

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    Does this loooooooong silence means no one knows? lol


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      That, and you have to realize these forums move slowly. Expect to wait at least a couple days before getting replies.
      This is a sig of some nature.


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        Ah, my bad, I didn't realise how slow they move,



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          Bump =/


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            Hmm disturbed lyrics..well I will make a start :P

            tell me exactly what I am supposed to do
            now that I have allowed you to beat me
            do you think that we can play another game
            maybe I could win this time


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              Not sure lyrics to The Game are quite what he's looking for.

              Anyway, the concept for the application is quite simple, but considering most people have 24/7 internet access nowadays it would be unlikely that such an app exists (though you'd hope apps that fetch lyrics from the internet cache them locally too.)

              Try searching for 'offline wiki program' or something similar (here is a page I found:


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                I was aware of that lol but i just saw that disturbed was mentioned and got carried away with myself :P


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                  lol I see that Emily ;P

                  And QOAL, I understand that, i even have a plugin for Winamp to automatically draw lyrics, but i'm hoping to do it with a completely manual kind of thing.. Like you said tho, considering the average person uses 24/7 internet (evn myself) i'm having diifficulty finding a program that fits my needs I'll try your suggestion and get back to you


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                    I'm afraid I didn't have much luck with offline wiki, it was close, but not quite what i needed


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                      Install xampp:

                      This lets you run a fully equipped web server on your local machine. It's url is localhost. It's IP is Use the content manager of your choice. Wordpress might be good. There are a lot of others.

                      Just because it's "offline" doesn't mean you can't use a web server.


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                        but i don't want a fully equipped web server, i want a very simple totallly basic, application that shows me a list of editable text pages and then displays one i choose, that's it..